Devil May Cry 5 Voice Actor Brad Venable Has Died at the Age of 43

Voice actors paid tribute to their peer on social media.

Video game voice actor Brad Venable died yesterday, as confirmed by several members of the video game and anime voice acting community. Venable was most recently best known for his work as the Griffon in Devil May Cry 5, who accompanied new character V through his portion of the game. Other recent credits include the Demon’s Souls remake, Serious Sam 4, and Final Fantasy VII Remake. As of this writing, no cause of death has been publicly confirmed.

News of an actor’s death began circulating earlier this morning by others in the field on Twitter, but the identity of who was not initially made public. As a way to pay tribute without making Venable’s identity known, voice actors in the space were silently acknowledging his passing on social media with a single candle emoji.

After Venable’s wife gave permission to publicly talk about Venable’s passing, an outpouring of stories from people who had worked with him or knew him in life came out on social media.

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While Venable’s getting a lot of recognition for his recent roles in Devil May Cry 5, I’m looking through his IMBD page and seeing just how much he had a hand in over the past decade. I guess it really depends on who you are what performances you most associate with an actor, because for me, the role that sticks out most is Max Warhol in Detective Pikachu, who was a central character in one of my favorite segments of that game. Max is a bit of a washed up celebrity known for his comedy acts he performs with his Pokemon partner Chatot, and his frustration about his career leads the character in an interesting direction. Turns out, Venable was even involved in the making of the film adaptation, as well, having done additional voices for the 2019 movie. You can check out Venable’s performance as Max at about the 16-minute mark of this video of the game courtesy of AbdallahSmash026 on YouTube, but be wary of spoilers if you watch past that scene. The dialogue’s a little silly, but Venable sold it.