Go To Heck In Borderlands 3’s Bloody Harvest Halloween Event

The first in-game event takes you to Heck. Literally.

Already, Borderlands 3 is getting into the festive spirit with not only its first event, but also the first seasonal one. And with it being Halloween, a gamer favorite, they’ve brought in some nifty content for this one, titled Bloody Harvest.

This event gives players the chance to earn what every Borderland 3 player needs and craves: Loot. For one, there’ll be a new Legendary-tier weapon in the loot called the Fearmonger, which freezes your enemies. (With fear! Definitely not ice. Duh.) Of course, there’s also new festive player and weapon skins, mods, and more that you can earn.

And to get all the goodies, you’ll need to get to Heck. Literally. That’s where these Halloween missions take place, including new enemies and challenges. To get there, you’ll beat up glowing-green enemies for their Hecktoplasm (this is where the name “Heck” pays off), and Maurice will get you to the other side via a portal. In this event-exclusive land, you’ll find the seasonal enemies as well as the new boss, Captain Haunt.

You can also get loot by doing season-exclusive challenges. Specifically, the player skins, an ECHO Device skin, a weapon trinket and a global weapon skin are unlockable by doing a certain number of global challenges.

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If you want to go to Heck, you’ll first need to progress just a little bit. The minimum requirement is reaching Sanctuary III, the game’s main player hub. That’ll happen around level 8, which isn’t terribly far into the game. However, it’s enough of a bar that if you want multiple games to have the chance to do Bloody Harvest, you should probably start up soon. Once you reach Sanctuary III, you can find the mission by meeting Maruice. He’s not your average NPC; he’s a Saurian with a little speaking device. According to the blog (via The Borderlands Show), Maurice is going to be the catch-all seasonal event NPC.

For those of you who didn’t pick up a Season Pass, don’t fret, because the event comes as a free update for all player (assuming you’re online). And while it’s already late in October, it’s not starting now, but very soon — specifically, October 25th. Unlike many Halloween events, which end early November, this one runs all the way until December 5th. You’ve got plenty of time to hunt, and you’ll probably need all of it to get all the loot they have in store.

You can bat outta (or into) Heck when the Bloody Harvest event starts October 24th. Borderlands 3 is available for $59.99 (or cheaper, because we’ve seen some sales around already) for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via the Epic Games Store.

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