Animal Crossing Collaborates With Build-A-Bear and I Demand to Mix & Match

Let me be the mad scientist my island needs.

Animal Crossing is making the leap that Pokemon and Mario made before it and collaborating with the Build-A-Bear Workshop, a chain retail location where people of any age can make customizable bears or other animals by putting parts together. Should you, for some reason, have a lack of Animal Crossing merchandise to buy, you can now build one.

The tweet announcing the collaboration is a little light on details, but it seems fairly likely that Isabelle and Tom Nook will be the first two characters that people can assemble. At that point, the door is wide open for the series’ cast of colorful villagers, like the dessert-based Meringue or the mustachioed Bob.

What I demand, however, is the ability to fully customize my Animal Crossing toy however I want. I should be able to create an Animal Crossing character from parts of my entire island. I should be allowed to be the Dr. Moreau that New Horizons needs. If I want Annalisa’s head with Boyd’s arms, that is my right.

Until this happens, I might just make a normal Isabelle or something.


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