The Sonic-Ass Song in Total Recall’s Brothel: A Review

"Mutant Dancing" is a total jam.

Mutant Dancing


Upon watching the 1990 true classic Total Recall last night, I realized something. The song when Doug Quaid/Hauser first walks into The Last Resort (the brothel/resistance fighter hangout where the three-breasted lady and Melina hang out) really, REALLY sounds like a song from a Sonic game. The instrumentation is closely reminiscent of the Casino stages in Sonic games, or possibly the Spring Yard Zone, even though this is Venusville, not the Casino Night Zone. Ok, the song is actually called Mutant Dancing, and it is a bop.

  • Jazzy little beat
  • very fun
  • makes you want to dance like a mutant
  • might make you want to engage in revolution
  • Evokes Sonic the Hedgehog in the same club as the three-breasted lady/”baby you make me wish I had three hands” and I’m not yucking anyone’s yum, but that association is a lot for me.

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