Palm Pre: A Review


Palm Pre


Phones used to be cool. In 2009, you were allowed to go into a design studio and say: "I'm gonna make this phone look like a smooth rock and give it a keyboard." and they let you make it. We've fucked up so bad.

  • Keyboard, baby. Crank out an email at a million wpm because you can, and feel every button press while doing it. Remember when phones had keyboards?
  • webOS was cool as hell, it had unified search years before anyone else
  • It's shaped like a little pebble. they had a stand for it called the Touchstone that charged the phone WIRELESSLY. IN 2009. The iPhone didn't get wireless charging until 2017.
  • Satisfying slide mechanism
  • It fit in your damn pocket and wasn't big
  • Good default wallpapers
  • It was really expensive so I couldn't get one until many years later, after it was viable to use
  • This was the beginning of the end for Palm, a cool company
  • Meg Whitman (from Quibi and failing to be governor of California) helped bury the remains of Palm
  • LG bought webOS and now it runs their TVs which is sad

Nicholas Grayson

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