Neco Drop 2: A Review

Cat Cody is a cat himbo goal.

Last year, for April Fool’s Day, Capcom released a small puzzle game called Neco Drop online, which was about a town of cats that resemble Street Fighter characters. It was largely based on Super Puzzle Fighter but with a turn-based system and touch/mouse controls. This year they did the exact same thing but with Neco Drop 2. And guess what? It’s just AS GOOD.

Neco Drop 2

  • There's a cat called C. Honda
  • The actual puzzle game is pretty fun
  • It's only for April Fool's Day
  • I haven't played long enough to see if cat Hakan is in here but I feel like knowing that he is would be scarring
  • I kinda just want a new Puzzle Fighter, honestly

Imran Khan

Imran is Fanbyte's News Editor and owns too many gaming t-shirts.

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