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Soul Hackers 2 Tips Guide: 7 Things the Game Doesn't Tell You

From combat to exploration, here are some Soul Hackers 2 tips.

Soul Hackers 2 tips are sure to come in handy for the new JRPG from Atlus, which comes with its own new additions and tweaks to existing formulas. While smaller in scope in comparison to recent entries in the series, there’s definitely a lot to dig into, and a lot that isn’t explained from the get-go. Acting as the sequel to Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, this new story puts you in the sci-fi boots of Ringo and a band of Summoners dealing with their own pasts in a city on the brink of extinction. This guide lists tips and advice on what to prioritize in terms of side missions, how to make the most out of your ventures in dungeons, and so on.

If you’re looking for more help, we have guides covering how to get Totem Memory, how New Game+ works, explainers on meals, as well as the Kaburagi boss fight and the Academics Wanted quest, everything on Soul Level, and a list of tips.

Soul Hackers 2 Tips 2

Soul Hackers 2 Tips

1. Spend the Time With Hangout Events

Hangout events might seem like a side activity, but they’re quite useful for many reasons. First, you’re going to be learning more about the main characters in the game (if that’s something you’re remotely interested in, that is), but most importantly, you’ll be gaining Soul Level every time you do them. Plus, it’s always good to just clear up your list whenever you have a moment so you can then experience others as they come, instead of having to put up with a slog of conversations all at once.

2. The Soul Matrix Isn’t Mandatory Unless You Have a Specific Need

Honestly, aside from focusing on Arrow during the early stages of the story, you don’t need to go to the Soul Matrix at all. Seriously. Unless you really want to know more about the characters’ backstories, the main story only focuses on Arrow’s dungeon in the Soul Matrix, and the rest are exempt. It’s a good place to roam around if you need to get a few more demons for Demon Fusion

3. For Side Missions, Prioritize the Ones that Help the Accessory Merchant

You’ll have access to many side missions in the game, but one of the Soul Hackers 2 tips to keep in mind is that you should prioritize the ones that are related to the Accessories merchant. In general, the rewards for side missions aren’t that great. But some of them are directly tied to specific merchants — complete the tasks and you’ll be granted access to new items in their stores. The Accessories store in particular is a big one, as you’ll be getting tons of benefits for your characters if you don’t let the quests stale for too long.

Soul Hackers 2 Tips 3

4. You Don’t Need to Fight Every Single Enemy You Encounter

Using your sword to take enemies down isn’t just helpful for advantage purposes — you can just ignore them altogether once they’re on the ground. Honestly, my rule of thumb is the following: If the enemies you’re fighting in a dungeon are giving you less than 1,000 XP, they’re hardly worth your time. It’s best to just ignore them and continue moving forward to the next floor or room where enemies will be stronger, thus will give you more XP in return.

5. Upgrade Your Comp Whenever You Can

The COMP is honestly the great tool in your and your teammates’ arsenal. There are many useful skills that you can purchase there, and the further you progress in the story, the more options will become available. I recommend doing a few side quests related to the vendor, as well as paying her some regular visits to see the updated list of items available.

6. Pick Up Ringo’s Free Skills in the Soul Matrix Often

Now, while I encourage you not to spend too much time in the Soul Matrix, you’ll be granted free skills to pick up for Ringo after getting through main story events. Make sure to pay the Soul Matrix a visit every now and then (whenever you defeat a boss, for example, or unlock a new area while doing the main story), and then talk to Ringo’s NPC inside, who should have skills up for grabs. They’re really helpful, and hey, also completely free, so don’t miss them.

7. Always Grab Two of Each Meal

The only way of knowing which one of your teammates likes a meal the most is for them to try them first. My advice is, whenever you purchase a meal from a vending machine or a store, get two instead of one. They’re usually cheap, and this will help you next time you sit down to eat, as you can go back and check how each person on the team found it beforehand. From there you can decide whether to purchase more of the same item or just ignore it.

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