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PSA: Xur Has the Lightkin Armor in Destiny 2 This Week

Every week, the vendor Xur appears in a different location in Destiny 2 and sells a range of Exotic and Legendary pieces. In addition to occasionally selling items with decent stats, Xur is a great way for newer players to pick up armor they may have missed out on back when it was first released and unlock it for transmog purposes. This week, Xur has the Lightkin armor Destiny 2 set, which was released back in the Season of the Splicer.

The Season of the Splicer dealt with the arrival of House Light in the Last City and the struggle against the Endless Night, a Vex-created calamity. It was a pretty great season, all things considered — it had a compelling story, fun activities, and some great gear to collect.

As you might expect, the Destiny 2 Lightkin armor is Eliksni themed. None of the pieces Xur has have particularly good stats, but it’s a great armor set aesthetically for anyone into Eliksni aesthetics. In particular, the Warlock body piece looks very cool — it has a furred collar with spines that jut out of the shoulders and back. Each of the class’s helmets, too, and can be incorporated into some interesting looks for players gunning for those Best Dressed commendations.

This week, Xur can be found in the EDZ. To get to him, drop into the Winding Cove and head towards the Lost Sector icon. Climb up a large fallen tree to reach a small camp in an elevated area, where you’ll find Xur. He doesn’t have much else of note this week, with all of his weapons having mostly terrible perks, though Hunters may want to pick up the Bombardiers Exotic.

What do you think of the Lightkin armor? And why do you think Xur’s had such terrible armor rolls lately? Let us know in the comments.

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