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Pizzicato-22 Destiny 2 Guide – God Roll and How to Get It

Pizzicato-22 is a new Suros Foundry Adaptive Frame SMG added to Destiny 2 in Season of Plunder. It’s one of only two non-sunset Adaptive Frames in Destiny 2 at the moment, and the only Kinetic one at all. It’s comparable to the Iron Banner weapon Hero’s Burden and even shares a similar model, but it has a few features that set it apart. Also, it’s just fun to say, and has earned the delightful nickname of “Pizza Cat.”

How to Get Pizzicato-22 in Destiny 2

Pizzicato-22 is available from world drops and vendor rank-ups. You can also get it by focusing Suros Engrams, and it can occasionally be purchased from Banshee-44.

Pizzicato-22 God Rolls

Pizzicato-22 PVE God Roll

  • Smallbore
  • High-Caliber Rounds or Armor-Piercing Rounds
  • Perpetual Motion or Ambitious Assassin
  • Threat Detector or Osmosis

In PVE, the Pizzicato-22 is a pretty standard SMG with general add clear utility. Perpetual Motion and Threat Detector is a fun combo well-suited to aggressive play, but don’t sleep on Osmosis. If you don’t have a good Escape Velocity kicking around, then an Osmosis Pizzicato-22 can be a lot of fun to use with new Arc subclasses or Echo of Instability on a Void subclass.

Pizzicato-22 PVP God Roll

  • Smallbore or Hammer-Forged Rifling
  • High-Caliber or Ricochet Rounds
  • Fragile Focus or Perpetual Motion
  • Rangefinder or Threat Detector

Unfortunately, Adaptive Frame SMGs like the Pizzicato-22 were nerfed a while back to do less precision damage in Crucible. That, combined with their generally worse stats and TTK than lightweight SMGs, along with their lack of a mobility and sprint speed bonus, makes running them currently a tough sell. Still, it can be done, and the Pizzicato-22 has some nice perks for PVP. Fragile Focus and Rangefinder give it a significant range boost, making it great for dueling. Alternately, Perpetual Motion and Threat Detector or Swashbuckler can give it utility in up-close scenarios.

That’s about it for the Pizzicato-22. Be sure to check out our other god roll guides for Destiny 2.

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