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Path of Exile Multiplayer Guide: How to Play With Friends in PoE

How to play with friends in Path of Exile and all party options.

The Path of Exile multiplayer feature is an essential part of the experience in Grinding Gear Games’ free-to-play Diablo-like. As you explore the world and mow down foe after foe, doing so alongside a group of players can be beneficial in many ways, but there are things to consider. As PoE continues to shift and evolve with each new Seasonal update, we’re diving into the not-so-obvious aspects of it so you can be prepared at all times. This guide explains how to play with friends and all of the multiplayer options.

How to Play With Friends in Path of Exile

If you’re familiar with other hack-n-slash games, you’ll find a few clear similarities in the Path of Exile multiplayer aspects. The biggest difference comes down to the sheer amount of players that can be roaming around towns and other places, which makes it feel more akin to an MMO than others in the genre, for example.

Below are all the ways you can play online in Path of Exile:

  • First off, up to six players can play together: Following usual hack-n-slash rules, enemies gain more life for each party member, loot and loot rarity are also increased
  • You can invite friends directly: This is done by using the in-game social menu, from which you can add players as friends or directly interact with them to either chat or create a party
  • You can also interact with other players around you: As per usual, you’re also free to interact with players you encounter while playing, whether it is for trading, adding them as friends, or getting them to join your party if you want someone to tag along during your ventures
  • The chat is also helpful to invite friends: You can also opt for something as simple as typing down “/invite playername” for easier access
  • There’s also a Notice Board for parties: You’re always going to find a Notice Board in towns, but you can also access this menu directly from the social menu by selecting the tab. From here, you can find public parties that are joinable at the moment, or even create your own. If you don’t find any, try switching over to a different location!

Path of Exile Multiplayer 2

That’s broadly it! In essence, multiplayer in Path of Exile is super straightforward, and there are many ways in which you can engage with it, so you shouldn’t have too many troubles coming up with a party together.

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As mentioned, the trickiest part is everything that involves being in a party with others. Fights will be harder with the increased HP for enemies, but hey, there is strength in numbers, too. Best of luck out there!

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