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New Pokemon Snap At Home in The Dark Mission Guide

Pokemon under the floor? Sounds spooky.

One of the more troublesome New Pokemon Snap from the Research Camp tasks you with getting “a picture of the Pokemon under the floor.” This may seem frustrating to many as they’ve gone by the porch multiple times with no sign of any Pokemon even available to take a picture of. In this guide, we’ll tell you exactly how to get that little rascal out and into the open so you can complete the At Home in the Dark mission!

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At Home in The Dark Mission Guide

This mission takes place at the actual Research Camp rather than a location you drive through. This means it isn’t available until around the time you complete the Lental Seafloor, the fourth level in New Pokemon Snap. If you see people trying to figure this one out and can’t gain access to it yourself, that’s probably why.

When you’re finally free you’ll notice a sleeping Meowth to your right of the picture above. You should see them resting against the NEO-ONE. Throw an apple at it to wake them up. Next you’ll want to make a patch of apples all the way over to the porch. Take a moment to scan for the hint as it activates the sequence. Next, throw more apples to get Meowth all the way over to the area you scanned.

After a short while you’ll see Meowth running around under the porch. Eventually they’ll chase out a Ratata and it’s this little friend that you want to take a picture of. If you don’t manage to get a picture of it under the porch, don’t worry. The mission seems to accept any picture of this specific Ratata and Meowth will chase it around the yard for a little while giving you a good chunk of time to take a good enough picture.

Once you’ve done that simply end your photo session by quitting. You’ll still get credit for the picture.

Want to read more about New Pokemon Snap? Check out Kenneth Shepard’s piece on how the game scores the pictures you take. Spoiler: It has nothing to do with the Rule of Thirds. Here’s the intro to the post to whet your appetite.

I haven’t taken a lot of photography classes in my day. But when I was getting my bachelor’s degree, I did take one class that put names to concepts I had always naturally understood when it came to taking pictures. It helped refine my understanding of photo composition, and I think I’m a better photographer for it. And now that I know all these techniques, New Pokemon Snap is out here really pushing back against what comes easily to me. And while that’s been an interesting adjustment, it also makes me want to knock Professor Mirror on his ass and ask how my deliberately composed shot of a Tyrantrum roaring at me is of less value to his research than a picture of a Florges vibing directly in the center of my shot?

And that’s all? Having issues? Leave a comment below and we’ll try to help!

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