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Monster Hunter Rise Best Hammer – Tier List Guide (May 2021)

Come on and slam and welcome to the... best Hammer tier list in MH Rise.

Get your best Hammer in Monster Hunter Rise right out of the gate with our tier list. Here we have a look at the most appealing options to shoot for in the recent the Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 update. There isn’t a ton of variety for Hammer players, if you’re just looking for the most bonk, but your playstyle can still make a difference! So get ready for some build tips as well while we take a gander at the best  Monster Hunter Rise Hammer (for now).

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1. Tigrex Hammer – The Best Hammer in Monster Hunter Rise

Interestingly enough, the Hammer is a cousin to the Insect Glaive at this time. Neither weapon type needs much more variety than a pair of raw powerhouses. This Tigrex weapon loses to Nargacuga on Affinity and decoration slots. As per usual. It wins out big in raw damage while maintaining white sharpness, however. But unlike the IG, Hammers are typically slow beasts. They don’t chew through sharpness as quickly. That means you can rely on raw power without worrying too much about Master’s Touch keeping you topped off.

At the same time, human and A.I. teammates with Affinity buffs (e.g. Hunting Horns, Bows, and Fighter type Palicoes with Rousing Roar) can only improve your performance. If you can count on those buffs, you’ll get more mileage out of Master’s Touch, while also enjoying higher raw damage. The end result is more powerful than Night Eternal in most situations.

2. Night Eternal – MH Rise Best Hammer Tier List

Master’s Touch — included with some Teostra armor and as a decoration — makes keeping sharpness easier than ever before. Assuming you maintain a high critical hit chance. The Nargacuga Hammer, Night Eternal, provides 45 percent Affinity out of the gate. Plus it has a Level 2 slot for Weakness Exploit, Critical Eye, Agitator, etc.

As ever, white sharpness adds a hidden damage buff for as long as you can maintain it. Blue sharpness adds more damage than green; white adds more than blue. White is actually a significant jump above blue at the moment, however. Now combine the very high critical hit chance on Night Eternal with Master’s Touch and you’ve got a weapon that hits harder than it appears on paper. The only issue is that Tigrex Hammer, which also includes natural white sharpness. This Nargacuga weapon should mostly be considered if you’re running out of white sharpness faster than the target monster moves between areas.

3. Sinter Hammer – MH Rise Best Hammer Tier List

A touch of Handicraft gives this Water Hammer significant white sharpness. Then it stands somewhere between the Nargacuga and Tigrex weapons in terms of Affinity and raw damage, with a Level 1 decoration slot for good measure. If it had more interesting Ramp-Up skills it might even be a serious contender outside of Water-weak foes. As it stands, it still holds its own considerable against enemies that are susceptible to the element. Its Water damage is higher than you might expect for a Hammer with 200 raw and 20 percent Affinity.

4. Despot’s Crackle – MH Rise Best Hammer Tier List

Another elemental alternative: this time it’s Thunder. The Zinogre Hammer has no Affinity to speak of, but comes just shy of the Tigrex Hammer on raw. Then you’ve got strong elemental damage, two Level 1 decoration slots, and so-so white sharpness with Handicraft. It’s definitely worth considering in matchups where foes are weak to Thunder, at least. Especially if they also happen to proc the Anti-Aquatic Species Ramp-Up.

Hopefully this helped you on your way to the best Hammer in Monster Hunter Rise! We’ll be sure to update this guide as new monsters and weapons appear. Until then, happy hunting!

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