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MHW Yukumo Layered Armor Set Guide - How to Get the Layered Armor

What's that I spy on the DLC list?

The MHW Yukumo layered armor set is just one of many options in the game’s fashion arsenal. And now that Master Rank layered armor is finally a reality, thanks to The Final Stand update that brings Fatalis and a few other improvements, many players are looking to complete their collections. The Yukumo layered armor set stands out against a number of others, though. It’s one of just a few DLC outfits that can’t be acquired in-game by any means. So how do you actually get it? Let’s take a look in our guide to the Yukumo layered armor in Monster Hunter World.

I’m afraid the answer isn’t really pretty… Though it does appear to be doable. The Yukumo set is a throwback to Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Beyond just completionism, you might be spurred on to get the layered armor out of nostalgia. If you don’t have it already, however, that urge is going to cost you.

The Yukumo layered armor was originally introduced as a pre-order bonus. If you didn’t pre-order, you likely don’t have it. Though it does appear in the Steam DLC section for the PC version of MHW. If you add the DLC to your wishlist, it will even be marked as “on sale” whenever the rest of the add-on content gets discounted. Despite all this, there is no price listed and no button to hit “purchase.” And unlike a lot of pre-order bonuses in other games, it hasn’t been made available post-release. At least not yet.

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Some sellers purport to offer pre-order bonus codes online. You can find codes for the console versions very easily on eBay, for instance, but we obviously can’t confirm how who is on the up and up. The Xbox store does indeed have a spot to redeem a code for Yukumo layered armor, however.

For a time, it was also possible to remove and repurchase the Iceborne Master Edition. You would have to manually excise the game from your Steam account by reaching out to Steam support. Then you could pay for the game all over again, even after the pre-order window closed, while using a manually save to maintain your progress. But at this time none of the Steam pages show the Yukumo layered armor as an option. Mods might be your only choice on PC at the moment.

That being said… Capcom does have a tendency to work these things into the main game. The Origin set armor was originally a pre-order bonus for base MHW. That is to say it did not start as a cosmetic option. However, a layered armor version was eventually added. It’s now a reward for beating Arch-Tempered Zorah Magdaros. Though that’s not quite the same situation.

The Yukumo layered armor has always been, well, layered armor. Making it available through normal play wouldn’t mean making an entirely new item. It would mean eliminating the exclusivity that pre-order purchasers enjoyed. You never know, though! There’s at least something of a precedent for it. That’s better than nothing. And for now, it’s the only hope players without the cosmetic have for the future.

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