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Genshin Impact Zaytun Peach Guide - Zaytun Peach Locations, Uses

Where to find the Genshin Impact Zaytun Peach locations and its uses.

The Genshin Impact Zaytun Peach is one of the latest materials to arrive in the game, although it’s a material that you can find in shops, the larger quantities come from harvesting it in the wild. The 3.0 update of the ever-increasing RPG has brought upon dozens of new additions, but not everything is going to be laid out and explained from the get-go. This guide dives into the Harra Fruit locations, how to harvest it, as well as the uses for the material around your characters.

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Genshin Impact Zaytun Peach Locations – Where to Find Zaytun Peach

If you’re looking to harvest Zaytun Peach, you’re in luck, as there are several locations to pick from. Kalpalata is usually found on the ground as it’s a fairly standard plant, but there are a few key locations in which you’re likely to spot them more often.

First off, know that you can purchase the material from Hamawi at 240 Mora a piece, but the stock is quite limited. If you’re interested in gathering larger quantities, and for free no less, check the list below.

Genshin Impact Harra Fruit 1
Credit to https://genshin-impact-map.appsample.com/

You can find Harra Fruit in the following locations:

  • Both west and south of Vanarana, following the riverbank and its outskirts
  • Both north and south of Vissudha Field, as well as its outskirts
  • Around Ashavan Realm, closer to the riverbank’s inner area
  • Both around and north of Port Ormos
  • East of Chinvat Ravine
  • Following the main road to the west from Gandharva Ville, and also the outskirts around the south and southeastern areas
  • Almost all around Vimara Village
  • All the way west, south, and eastern corners of Devantaka Mountain
  • Southwest of Tiangong Gorge
  • Both northwest and south of Alcazarzaray
  • Northeast of Mawtiyima Forest

In order to harvest it, all you need to do is approach the material and interact with it. It’s a fairly simple task, as you don’t have to swim or climb around surfaces for this material.

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Genshin Impact Zaytun Peach Uses

If you’re wondering what are the uses for the Zaytun Peach, well, there aren’t many of them for the time being. You can find the current use below:

  • At the moment, the Zaytun Peach isn’t required for any character’s ascension phases
  • You can Harra Fruit to cook the Selva Salad, which requires 2x Zaytun Peach, 2x Mint, and 2x Sumeru Rose

That is all you need to know about the Genshin Impact Harra Fruit material for the time being. Best of luck gathering it, and remember to use it for those crafting recipes in case you’re in need of some new meals for your characters!

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