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Genshin Impact Tier List - Update 1.1 Best Characters

Ever since players first set foot in the beautiful open world of Genshin Impact, miHoYo has kept us busy with new questlines, events, and characters to collect. Although we applaud the extra Waifus and Husbandos, that also means that it’s time to take another look at the Genshin Impact tier list. After all, adding more characters means more competition for the highest tiers.

But before we get to the updated tier list, let me quickly explain what the tiers mean. In truth, there are hardly any bad characters in Genshin Impact. There’s only one, in fact. So being placed in C-Tier does not mean that the character is terrible, but there are simply much better alternatives. The characters who are good but not great are placed in B-Tier. The A-Tier characters are almost always worth building, but they have certain downsides and are often overshadowed by S-Tier characters. The latter are the true gods of Teyvat; thank the Seven if you get one of these.

My judgment is based on comparisons, stats, Ascension, talents, weapon & Elemental types, teamplay abilities, and Constellations. For example; if a character is a mediocre melee fighter but amazing at setting up Elemental Reactions, they may still place high. And if a character is good, but others are much better in the same role, then they may end up in a lower Tier.

Keep in mind that playing with a character you like is more important than their damage output, so don’t be too disappointed if your favorite is not an S-Tier.

S-Tier Characters


Anemo god and parttime bard Venti is one of the most useful Elemental support characters you can get. Although not bad with a bow either, Venti’s Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst are great for crowd control and combine perfectly with most other Elements.


  • Elemental Skill can launch Venti (or party member) in the air to evade attacks and perform plunging attacks. It can also be used to launch enemies.
  • Elemental Burst will create a Stormeye which draws in large groups of enemies, effectively taking them out of combat.
  • Besides dealing Anemo damage, the Elemental Burst can absorb and deal additional Pyro, Cryo, Electro or Hydro damage.


  • This is hardly a con, but Venti is a support who needs a great DPS of a compatible Elemental type at his side.


This fiery Claymore-wielding gentleman is the perfect DPS in almost any party composition. While many characters must choose between focusing on melee or focusing on Elemental damage, Diluc is great at both.


  • Arguably the best melee character thanks to the extremely high Normal/Charged Attack damage output.
  • Elemental Skill (setting Claymore on fire) works really well with Diluc’s melee attack.
  • Powerful Elemental Burst with a large AOE, setting enemies and surroundings on fire.


  • None.


Cryo Sword character Qiqi is one of the more unique Genshin Impact characters due to her DPS and healing potential. There’s no trade-off here; Qiqi can freeze, slash and heal with the best, all at the same time.


  • Healing ability scales with attack power.
  • Can easily freeze many enemies at the same time with Elementals.
  • Qiqi can revive fallen characters and restore half of her HP at Constellation Level 6.


  • Skills have a long cooldown.


Hydro Astrologist Mona is perhaps the most mobile character of all. Although she may not be used as much by those who got the new Hydro character Tartaglia, Mona is still the master of applying the Wet condition. Oh, and she can walk on water.


  • Great for applying the wet condition with both Elementals as well as her Normal Attack (she uses a Catalyst).
  • Elemental Skills summons a Phantom to taunt and distract enemies.
  • Very mobile, great evasive skills.


  • Hydro attacks on their own are not that powerful; Mona needs compatible party members to trigger Elemental Reactions.

Tartaglia (Childe)

Hydro character Tartaglia, also known as Childe, is a serious contender for the position of favorite main DPS. He stands out because of this ability to change his bow for dual blades. Although not as good as Mona, he’s also useful to set up Elemental Reactions with Hydro.


  • Can use Elemental Skill to switch between bow and dual blades, whereby the blades deal Hydro damage and apply wet condition.
  • Elemental Burst will chance between melee or ranged depending on your current choice.
  • His passive, Master of Weaponry, will always increase party members’ Normal Attack level by one.


  • Some may prefer a Sword or Claymore character as the main DPS instead of Tartaglia’s more complex bow/blades changing system.

A-Tier Characters


Electro Prinzessin Fischl is often used as a melee (yes, with a bow) by beginning players, but her true value lies in her ability to trigger Elemental Reactions with high damage output.


  • Elemental Skill is extremely easy to use; just drop Oz near some enemies.
  • The ability to hit weak spots with Electro-charged arrows from a distance is great for fighting larger enemies.
  • The Elemental Burst can do massive damage while also being a useful means of transportation across the battlefield.


  • Needs Constellation upgrades to become truly great.
  • If used as DPS, Fischl will be overshadowed by better alternatives once the player gets more experience.


If Genshin Impact only allowed you to play with one character, our knightly Jean might have been your best option. She deals excellent damage with her sword, she can limit enemy movement and she can heal.


  • An all-around great character with decent attack and an Elemental Burst that can heal your party.
  • Her Elemental Skill is particularly useful for crowd control by pulling enemies close and launching them away.
  • Her Elemental Anemo abilities are great in combination with most other Elements.


  • Not as useful if you have Venti or Qiqi.


Electro Keqing is a very evasive and fast damage dealer, although not as damaging as Diluc or Tartaglia. She’s best used as a sub DPS who can easily travel across the battlefield and swap to a heavier main DPS at the opportune moment.


  • Elemental Skill can be used to hit weak spots (like a bow user).
  • Elemental Burst does massive AOE Electro damage at a relatively low cooldown and energy cost.
  • Her Elemental Skill throws a lightning stiletto and can also be used to ‘blink’ (teleport) Keqing across the battlefield.


  • Keqing flourishes as a versatile fighter. However, if used strictly as an Electro DPS, Razor can be more powerful.
  • Likewise, if used as a ranged Electro DPS, Fischl can be more powerful.


For someone who is allegedly raised by wolves, Razor sure knows how to handle a Claymore. He is a great DPS if you don’t have a Diluc on your team. As an Electro character though, you are better off with Fischl or Keqing.


  • Good base attack which makes for a high damage output in combination with the Claymore.
  • Elemental Skill hits create Electro Sigils that increase his energy recharge.
  • The passive skill ‘Wolvensprint’ decreases all party members’ stamina consumption when sprinting.


  • Not as useful as an Electro character.


Klee is great at throwing Pyro bombs and setting up Elemental Reactions. As she uses a Catalyst and her Pyro damage increases while Ascending, you can go full Elemental with her.


  • As all attacks involve AOE damage, Klee is great for setting up Pyro Elemental Reactions.
  • Easy to build, with a full focus on Pyro damage.


  • Klee’s short-ranged attacks require some aiming and timing skills.
  • Not as fast and easily maneuverable as Xiangling when using skills.


Zhongli is a fast polearm character. He can be used as main DPS if you don’t have Diluc or Tartaglia, but his skills are more evened out between attack damage, Geo damage, and support.


  • By far the best Geo character right now.
  • His Elemental Burst (which only costs 40 energy!) can turn enemies into stone.
  • Apart from dealing damage, his Elemental Skill summons a Geo pillar which can be used to climb and perform plunging attacks.


  • Hard to specialize; Zhongli is good at melee attacks, Geo damage and Geo support, but not exceptional.
  • Passive Talent ‘Dominance of Earth’ scales off HP instead of defense.


Pyro chef Xiangling is a fast and easy to use Elemental DPS. Her Elemental Skill and Burst are great for triggering Elemental Reactions. She has a lot of Pyro competition (especially from Diluc and Klee), but she is nonetheless an asset to your team.


  • Xiangling’s Elemental Burst will continuously hit large groups of enemies for up to ten seconds. Furthermore, this Burst will continue after swapping characters.
  • Easy to use Elemental Skill; just drop the teddy bear near enemies.
  • The perfect early-game melee and Elemental combo; especially when dealing with enemies equipped with wooden shields.


  • Both the Elemental Skill and Burst need good positioning and timing to be effective.
  • Mediocre attack power.


Although there are some downsides to Hydro Catalyst-wielder Barbara, her healing ability is too good to not put her in A-Tier. Her healing scales with her HP, meaning that she will be your savior many times over if she’s built well.


  • Great healer when HP is maximized.


  • Low damage.
  • Barbara isn’t the best option to give enemies the wet condition. Also, she wets herself (I’m serious) when she uses her Elemental Skill, making healing characters vulnerable to freezing.

B-Tier Characters


Although he does not really stand out, Chongyun is a very capable DPS and Cryo support. His Elemental Skill is especially useful as it allows plenty of time to set up Reactions to freeze enemies.


  • Chongyun’s attack power increases while Ascending. Together with decent base attack and a Claymore weapon, this makes him a great early-game DPS.
  • Can freeze large groups of enemies in combination with a Hydro party member.


  • Not really needed once you have better DPS characters.


She may be part cat, but bow master Diona is not to be underestimated. She is a valuable Cryo support who can freeze enemies, heal, and shield party members.


  • The freezing, healing, and shielding combo makes her a great support in all stages of battle.
  • If her Elemental Skill is on cooldown, you can use her charged bow attack to do Cryo damage and freeze a wet enemy.


  • Not great at dealing damage.
  • Although a good Elemental and healing/shielding support, Diona doesn’t truly excel at either.


Bookworm Xingqiu is a useful Hydro support character if you don’t have Mona. His Sword melee attacks are nothing special though, and his healing ability can’t compare to Barbara’s or Qiqi’s.


  • Useful for setting up Elemental Reactions with Hydro.
  • Elemental Burst will continue after swapping characters.
  • When the Rain Swords summoned by the Elemental Skill or Burst expire, it will recover the current character’s HP.


  • Xingqiu’s base attack is low. As he will never be a great main DPS, it feels like his extra attack power gained upon Ascension is wasted.
  • His healing is based on his HP.


This Pyro sub DPS is somewhat similar to Xiangling but scaling more towards melee than Elemental damage. The combination of Pyro and Claymore also reminds us of Diluc, although Xinyan is not quite as powerful. Due to an abundance of good Pyro’s, Xinyan is easy to overlook.


  • Great physical damage output.
  • Her Elemental Skill summons a shield, which will continue to be effective after swapping characters.


  • When it comes to Pyro damage, Diluc, Klee, and Xiangling are much better.
  • If you want her as a Claymore melee, Diluc and Razor are much better.
  • The shield’s damage absorption is based on Xinyan’s Defense.


The Traveler is always a bit different from the rest. Unfortunately, they do not stand out from the crowd when it comes to combat. Traveler’s biggest asset is the ability to change Elements, which is only handy when you are early- to mid-game.


  • Can change between the Anemo and Geo Element.
  • Straightforward, easy to use starter DPS.
  • Constellation upgrades do not cost Wishes.


  • Not among the best characters in either the Geo or Anemo group.
  • Mediocre base attack.

C-Tier Characters


Noelle is a good tank. So why the low Tier? Most players will prefer a good healer instead. Furthermore, Noelle can’t set up good Elemental Reactions and she needs a full Constellation to realize the damage potential of her Claymore.


  • One of the most tanky characters in the game.
  • Can shield teammates.
  • Has a Claymore which is useful to destroy shields and against specific enemies such as Geo Hypostasis.


  • Tanks are often superfluous, and the healing ability is mediocre at best.
  • Only becomes a decent DPS if the Constellation is maxed out.
  • Her Geo is terrible for creating Elemental Reactions.


Like Noelle, Ningguang is a defensive Geo character. She has the ability to conjure up a massive Geo shield. Although it looks cool, the shield is not a great fit for most combat styles.


  • While Ningguang’s Elemental Skill stops enemy attacks, yours will still go through.
  • If you are looking for a Geo damage character, Ningguang is your best (and pretty much only) choice right now.


  • Genshin Impact’s combat tends to be fast and dynamic. It is fairly easy to dodge arrows and take down ranged enemies. In other words, Ningguang’s shield isn’t going to be extremely useful.
  • Shield endurance scales with HP.


There is nothing wrong with Sucrose’s Elemental Anemo abilities, but she is overshadowed by others. If you are in need of a good crowd control character though, then Sucrose is worth building.


  • Can continuously trigger swirl reactions thanks to Catalyst weapon.
  • Elemental Burst deals extra Hydro/Electro/Pyro/Cryo damage due to elemental absorption.


  • Both Elementals have a long cooldown and the Burst has a high energy cost.
  • Venti and Jean can do the same, but much better.


Electro Beidou has a decent attack damage, but her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst are not useful to the team, and neither are they very damaging.


  • Can take a lot of damage using her Elemental Skill as a shield.
  • Constellation Level 4 will increase her damage output in combination with the shielding skill.


  • Not suitable for Elemental Reactions, and not suitable as a main DPS. You will almost always have a better option than Beidou for your team.


Bennett’s abilities are all over the place; he does some sword damage (but his base attack is low), he does some Pyro damage (but he is definitely not the best for Elemental Reactions) and he does some healing (but not a lot). There are much better alternatives available.


  • His Elemental Skill and Burst have low cooldowns.
  • Has a bit of everything, which is useful at the start of the game.


  • Although not a bad Pyro at all, Diluc, Klee, Xiangling and Xinyan are all better.
  • Healing scales with Bennett’s HP, and only works if the character’s HP is below 70%.


Kaeya is great as a freely available starting character. Eventually though, you will get better DPS characters with far more useful Cryo skills.


  • Decent main DPS for new players, with very straightforward Elemental Skill & Burst.
  • Very quick energy recharge and short cooldowns.


  • Mediocre attack damage.
  • Every other Cryo character is better equipped to freeze large groups of enemies.


Lisa is a great character to use for Elemental Reactions involving Electro in early game. There are many other Electro characters though, and most of them are much more powerful than Lisa.


  • Can easily apply Electro damage to enemies from a distance with her Normal Attack.
  • Elemental Skill and Burst have a large AOE, making Elemental Reactions easy.


  • Low base attack.
  • Her Elemental Skill needs too much charging time, making it very easy to get hit when facing multiple enemies.

D-Tier Characters


As the first and the worst character you can get, Outrider Amber is still the only occupant of the D-Tier. Poor Amber…


  • Can set things on fire from a distance (come on… we’ve got to give her something).


  • Low base attack.
  • Elemental Burst lasts two seconds.
  • Her Elemental Skill, which distracts enemies and explodes, is mostly useless. It also has a 15 second cooldown.
  • Terrible choice for setting up Elemental Reactions.

And that concludes our updated Genshin Impact Tier List. Remember that this list is not the ultimate truth and you are free to disagree. Please share your opinion & ideas for lower tier builds (especially the secret to making Amber an S-Tier) in the comments below!

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