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7 Games Like Phasmophobia to Scratch Your Cooperative Horror Itch

There's nothing quite like co-op ghost hunting horrors, so here's a few games like Phasmophobia.

We’re all Phasmophobia connoisseurs after countless nights spent hiding away in Willow Street House closets and screaming down the halls of Brownstone High School. The “horror co-op” ghost hunting adventure also ushered in a new phenomenon of games like Phasmophobia. These have taken over Steam, but there’s an ocean of horror, supernatural, and multiplayer tags to sift through before you can get to the good stuff.

To aid in your hunt for another haunt, we went and conjured up a list of the best games like Phasmophobia to (hopefully) scratch the same spooky itch while making room for a plus one (or three). Of course, not every game like Phasmophobia is quite so straightforward in its similarities, but we’re aiming for experiences that recreate the same giddy terror you feel when the supernatural stalk you and a group of friends. This is for recreating those moments and that tension when your squad is huddled together in the dark, urging each other to please shut up.

Anyway, between a stream of Phasmophobia updates, here are seven games you should check out for more co-op horror game nights!

Ghost Exorcism Inc is a game like Phasmophobia on Steam, with voice-based mechanics and co-op modes.

Ghost Exorcism INC. – Best Games like Phasmophobia

Ghost Exorcism Inc sends you off to do exactly what the name suggests—excise ghosts, but as a business. Instead of Phasmophobia‘s usually squad of four, this job is big enough for a group of six, and you’ll be pacifying the spirits instead of just peacing out. It’s not enough to identify that John Jefferson is a poltergeist; you’re going to have to get rid of him, too.

Perhaps among all of the Phasmophobia-likes out there, this is one of the closest to nailing the formula again. There’s way more equipment to chase the supernatural with, and while some of it feels a bit useless, there are some pretty compelling extras. For example, Ghost Exorcism Inc has a pretty neat Exorcism Book mechanic, forcing you to read a passage from the book uninterrupted to exorcise an entity. It’s goofy, sure, but it’s hilarious when a panic-stricken friend can’t spit the words out without screaming.

If it seems familiar, you may have seen this game pop up as Ghost Hunter Corps. It’s gotten a makeover since then, along with the name change. You can check out its new iteration as Ghost Exorcism Inc on Steam for PC.

Forewarned is a co-op ghost hunting game like Phasmophobia.

Forewarned – Best Games like Phasmophobia

Like Ghost Exorcism Inc, much of Forewarned‘s formula manages to recreate that Phasmophobia feeling by dropping you into tight spaces, a few mystery-solving tools, and a hunt cycle. Instead of the usual ghosties, you’re searching for mummies and collecting treasure. Part of the puzzle does involve figuring out what’s lurking in the ruins of your job site, but it’s important to not scramble out empty-handed. Otherwise, how would you afford all of that fancy, supernatural-sniffing gear?

Forewarned has more procedurally generated elements to its maps, making the big ones more enticing for a replay, while death is a little less droll since you can work against your friends or help them from the afterlife. And while voice extras in this one may be less of a draw, that doesn’t seem to hurt the experience with some of its creepy monsters. Forewarned was among one of the first games like this to introduce enemies that look like your friends, and that’s as terrifying as it sounds.

Forewarned is still in Steam Early Access, but it’s seen a steady trickle of updates since its launch last year.

In Silence is an asymmetrical horror game with a few elements like Phasmophobia on Steam.

In Silence – Best Games like Phasmophobia

In Silence is an asymmetrical one-versus-six horror game with a monster that’s just as stressful to control as it is to look at. That’s not a bad thing; the game would be way too easy if the creature’s super speedy dashes were easy to maneuver, but it’s a frightening struggle when the human players are given a turn to hunt.

However, In Silence does sport two modes, and the other is a ton of fun and a little more reminiscent of Phas. One person is chosen to be the monster, while the other five players have individual roles to play when looking for means to escape. There’s no big selection of tools here, but the voice mechanics are still a blast since the In Silence creature stalks about with hypersensitive hearing. That’s a bummer for those of us who cannot shut up when they’re nervous. Find the means to escape, or wind up as dinner—either way, In Silence is a ton of terrified laughs that break up the formula but keep you entertained in the same ways.

You can grab In Silence on Steam for PC and Mac. This one even gets the occasional update, which seems a little rare for these one-and-done smaller-scale projects. Perhaps that’ll put it on your radar for more than one night.

Multiplayer horror game Ghost Exile

Ghost Exile – Best Games like Phasmophobia

Taking a cue from Phasmophobia and Ghost Exorcism Inc, Ghost Exile saddles you with investigation and exorcism duty. More than any other game on this list, this one probably bears the biggest resemblance to Phas, right down to the assets involved and gameplay cycle. Its biggest difference lies more in its ghost events, which seem more frequent, and definitely more intense. There’s not nearly the same amount of downtime, either, so while some rounds of Phas may take thirty minutes to really get rolling, Ghost Exile sends the jumpscares out fast.

It’s a double-edged sword. Part of the appeal in the long wait for a Phas haunt is that building tension makes things terrifying, but Ghost Exile‘s variety in events, sound effects, and behaviors should keep it fresh for a while. The added exorcism bits change more than you’d assume, too. Since no one can leave until the ghost is gone, you’re stuck braving scenarios Phasmophobia typically lets you run from. Perhaps it’s not a great pick for the friend that sits in the truck, but Ghost Exile is perfect for those of you who love to stay behind with a camera.

If you’re looking to brave an exorcism, Ghost Exile is on PC via Steam.

Games like Phasmophobia for co-op ghost hunting on Steam.

Devour – Best Games like Phasmophobia

Devour pits four friends against the demon Azazel, and it’s way more aggressive than the spirits you’ve encountered in Phasmophobia. Sessions for Devour tend to run longer, but you’re still fumbling around in the dark trying to find a way to safety. The difficulty slowly escalates, like Phasmophobia, but there’s a point when things get frantic and the group is scrambling to get away from Devour’s possessed cultists.

As another horror game with random item spawns and map changes, Devour manages to stay a bit fresh for more haunted sessions. Your goal is always to find ritual items for banished Azazel, but the way you go about that changes depending on difficulty, player perks, and good ole map RNG. There are also other spooky creatures that spawn at random, and map effects that send players into an unproductive panic even when it’s a false alarm. It’s certainly more intense, but it’s worth a few runs for the folks who love a good Phas run with an aggressive ghost and nowhere to hide.

Devour is available on PC and Mac via Steam. It’s part of a series with The Watchers, but maybe save that for when you’ve exhausted Devour.

Midnight Ghost Hunt is a co-op horror game that's more action focused, but is still great for ghost hunting.

Midnight Ghost Hunt – Best Games like Phasmophobia

So this one isn’t quite the same with a four-versus-four, but Midnight Ghost Hunt can still provoke those same hiding-in-the-corner giggles. If you’re willing to branch out a little, this supernatural game of hide-and-seek is still plenty of fun for friends seeking jumpscares and panicked chases through the night. In Midnight Ghost Hunt, you’ll divide up into a team of four ghosts and a team of four hunters, while the ghost-hunting team starts out seeking. That changes when the clock hits midnight, and suddenly it’s team ghosty’s turn to give chase.

There are some familiar objects in your arsenal of ghost-hunting gadgets, but it’s better to think of Midnight Ghost Hunt as a more action-based or combat-focused game against a spooky backdrop. It’s not scary in the way that hiding from a demon in a Phasmophobia bathroom stall is, but you’ll still holler when falling for a trap set by the ghost team. Since the power dynamics are always tilted in one way, there are still plenty of thrills to be had that recreate those paranormal-induced adrenaline rushes.

Midnight Ghost Hunt is available on PC via Steam.

Occult is a game like Phasmophobia on Steam

Occult – Best Games like Phasmophobia

If we could break elements of Phasmophobia up into separate games, then Occult would be more like the hunt portion—think Devour, if you’ve played the previous suggestion. Instead of invisible supernatural fortresses, you’re often aware of where the danger is lurking in Occult. It’s far more in-your-face with the horror bits, and instead ties all of its tension into puzzle-solving with friends.

Occult’s premise tasks your group with tag-teaming those puzzles, often separating groups while dodging some gruesome-looking foes. They’re all rather aggressive, and there’s little recourse when you find yourself in their clutches. It’s another that players looking for co-op horror may enjoy, not necessarily those bent on ghost hunting only. There are a few of these you’ll pick up and put down after a night, and Occult is likely among those, but these little Steam projects often feel worth it for a few bucks.

If you’ve got the cash to spare, and don’t mind some clunky gameplay for a fright, Occult is on Steam for PC.

The Blackout Club – Best Games like Phasmophobia

The Blackout Club actually predates Phasmophobia by about a year and a half. Though it has all the trappings you probably know to expect at this point: procedurally generated missions, four-player co-op, and a spooky gimmick. But this one isn’t about what you hear and say; it’s about what you see.

Part of the “blackout” in The Blackout Club refers to a supernatural stalker called “The Shape” that you can only see with your eyes shut. Thus, there’s an entire button dedicated to closing your peepers. This allows you to see paranormal messages, and the ghostly creature, but not the world around you. That’s a problem since there are also normal dangers about that you need your eyes open to see.

The game has an absolutely fascinating story for you to unravel, too. It takes place in a haunted suburban neighborhood where adults become sleepwalking thugs at night and try to capture their own children (the players) for some unknown entity or force. Naturally, the grownups always forget during the day, so it’s up to the kids to investigate while not getting killed or captured by whatever evil lives beneath their town.

Committing too many “sins” — like getting spotted by adults — will bring out The Shape. So you have to be very careful as you explore and gather clues to figure out just what is going on here. This sends tension skyrocketing as your fellow players need to both be careful and create distractions to help when you slip up.

The downside is that the game was originally based around a concept of “evolving horror.” More story got added over time, as players in the real world unraveled the mystery, but now that portion of the game is over. You can simply read it all on wikis. Still! It’s a fun time.

  • Perfect for… anyone after a great story on top of great horror.
  • Avoid if you… don’t like seeing kids in peril.
  • Start with… the base game. There’s a ton of DLC, but it’s all cosmetic, and you can just buy it later to support the developers!

And that’s it for our list of the best games like Phasmophobia! Have fun (or frights) with your friends out there in the cooperative horror world.

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