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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide: Heads, Tails, or No Deal - Which Should You Choose?

Throughout your 30+ hour journey in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you’ll periodically be asked to pick a line of dialogue for a scene. Scattered throughout the campaign, most of these exchanges have some impact on how a specific story moment plays out. One of these choices happens a little after the beginning of Chapter 9: The Town That Never Sleeps.

In order to rescue Tifa, Cloud and Aerith will need to get the approval of three influential members in the Wall Market. One of these is Chocobo Sam, who determines his position by flipping a coin. It’s here where the player can either call Heads, Tails, or No Deal when asked which side he chooses.

Heads, Tails, or No Deal Differences

To be clear, there is no correct answer to Sam’s question, as all three choices will result in Sam not helping you. However, you will get a slightly different dialogue exchange and cutscene depending on what Cloud decides to call. Despite having a coin with the same image on both sides, he will always win no matter what you pick. That’s what you get for trusting anyone in Wall Market!

Curiously, there is a fairly noticeable change that happens later on in Chapter 9 depending on if you picked No Deal or either Head or Tails. After competing in the colosseum, you’ll be given some free time to explore and complete side quests while Madame M prepares Aerith. If you selected No Deal then Madame M will give you a side quest to complete, while picking either Tails or Heads has you completing a task for Chocobo Sam.

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Both are fairly straightforward, but we found Chocobo Sam’s quest to be a little tougher since you’ll need to face two tough enemies in the arena. If you do pick Sam’s, we recommend equipping fire-resistant Materia and stock up on healing items since the Bomb enemies do a silly amount of damage if left alone. Try to separate the Bombs from one another, as their fire area of effect (AOE) can deal a lot of damage. Additionally, Blizzard is a solid spell against this foe and try to use Cloud’s Limit Break move when they’re clumped up so both are hit.

Madame M’s arena enemy is the Jury-Rigged Cutter robot, which can be easily dealt with so long as you stay behind it. It will occasionally rush at you, so don’t be greedy with your attacks. Just hit it a few times and back off before the Cutter retaliates. It has no ranged moves, so use this to your advantage if you need to heal or buff Cloud. Remember to use the Fira spell to quickly build up this bot’s Pressured meter!

Finally, picking No Deal will change Cloud’s outfit after he visits the Honey Bee Inn with Aerith. If you decided to not pick Heads or Tails he will end up wearing a lavender-colored dress with white and black trim. Alternatively, picking either Heads or Tails sees Cloud put into a black and blue dress that’s a little less formal than the lavender one. Regardless of which dress you pick the result and overall story will be the same. This is just a small visual change that is determined by your coin toss, so don’t worry about which one you pick.

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