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FFXIV Ruby Red Dye Guide - Where to Get It & What It's Really Worth

Dying to know where to buy Ruby Red Dye in Final Fantasy? We've got you covered (in dye).

Ruby Red Dye in FFXIV can set you back a pretty penny depending on Market Board prices. Fashion and glamour are big deals in the world of Final Fantasy, and since dye is a consumable, it tends to be in more frequent demand than simply gear. This can cause the cost of Ruby Red Dye in particular to skyrocket. This is why many players might ask themselves where to get Cherry Pink Dye in FFXIV without needing to buy it from someone else! What if you want to sell Ruby Red Dye yourself, for that matter? Let’s take a look with our very brief FFXIV guide to Ruby Red Dye and see how to get it!

If you need help finding more dyes, we’ve also got guides to finding Cherry Pink Dye and Dragoon Blue Dye in FFXIV as well!

How to Preview Ruby Red Dye on Your Glam

Like any dye in FFXIV, you can preview Ruby Red Dye on any or all of your gear on a whim. Just pull up your Character menu in-game, right-click on the armor piece you want to preview (or press X/Square on a controller). This brings up a dropdown menu of options like “Unequip” and “Try On.” If the armor piece in question can use dye — like the Ruby Red Dye we want to see — you should see the option to “Dye” it from here. Note that not every piece of FFXIV equipment is allowed to use dye. Though most can.

Otherwise, you can select “Try On” and click the icon again in the new “Fitting Room” menu that appears. At which point there should be an option for “Enable Dye Preview.” Either option will bring you to the same “Item Dyeing” menu regardless.

FFXIV splits its dye options into eight categories: white, red, brown, yellow, green, blue, purple, and a miscellaneous option mostly used for metallic dyes and other odd options. Seeing as it’s called “Ruby Red Dye,” you can probably guess you need to select the red category (the second circle from the left for those that might have issues with color blindness). Ruby Red Dye is then the tenth square under our red dye options — the second from the right. Click it to show whatever your gear piece would look like with Ruby Red Dye applied.

Note that if you also have the “show all equipped gear” toggle selected on your character portrait, you can also click “preview all dyeable gear with the same color” after selecting Ruby Red Dye (or any other dye for that matter). This will show what all your currently equipped gear looks like with the chosen color applies.

Where to Get Ruby Red Dye in FFXIV

In FFXIV, Ruby Red Dye is one of the more in-demand cosmetic colors. This is perhaps because of its distinctly deep, bright, red color. It’s probably the closest FFXIV gets to a pure and primary “red” with no extra shading. Then again, maybe Ruby Red Dye is sought after because it’s somewhat rare; you can’t craft or purchase Ruby Red Dye through normal means in FFXIV. Such as going to the “Others” section of your Crafting Log or by visiting a Dyemonger NPC.

Instead, you can find Ruby Red Dye in Coerthas — specifically the capital city of Ishgard. It’s sold in the special, instanced area called The Firmament after reaching Heavensward. Many crafters and gatherers in FFXIV are probably already familiar with this place from the Ishgardian Restoration activity.

While the actual “restoration” part of this event is technically over, and has been for some time, players can still engage with pretty much all its delivery missions and other related activities. Some of which award Skybuilders’ Scrips. This is a unique currency in FFXIV mostly awarded via two methods: gathering in the Diadem and delivering to Potkin, the Collectable Appraiser.

If you still have yet to unlock these special zones, it’s time to find the aptly named side quest “Towards the Firmament.” Just inspect the Recruitment Notice at Ishgard, inside the Foundation district, at (X: 9.7, Y: 11.5). You can start the quest as any class or Job. It doesn’t need to be a crafter or gatherer, so long as they are level 60 or higher.

This quickly unlocks access to The Firmament. To return to the location in the future, you can either interact with the Aetheryte in Foundation or speak to Thomelin, the Gatekeep in The Brume section of the city.

where to get ruby red dye ffxiv

The Diadem is yet another special zone accessible through the Firmament by speaking to Aurvael: Mission Commander. Miners, Fishers, and Botanists can gather materials in large quantities in this special zone. You then turn these items in to Flotpassant (the Resource Inspector NPC standing right next to Aurvael) in exchange for “approved” Skybuilders’ crafting materials.

Said materials can then be turned into Collectables as any of the various FFXIV crafting Jobs. You just need to know where to find the right menu:

  1. Open your “Crafting Log” under the Logs menu
  2. Click on “Special Recipes” (or press Y/Triangle with a controller)
  3. Open the “Ishgardian Restoration” tab below
  4. Select “Restoration (4) from the available recipes lists
  5. Craft any of the Level 20-80 “Grade 4 Skybuilder” items
  6. Hand the item(s) in to Potkin

You will receive more Skybuilders’ Scrips for your trouble the higher the level of the Collectable you craft. The green-colored “Expert Recipes” provide the most Scrips, at a minimum of 66 per delivery. However, these are also much harder to craft than the standard level 80 options.

The non-expert Level 80 crafts are the second option down under the deliveries list. For example, the “Grade 4 Skybuilders’ Bed” for Carpenter players. These award a minimum of 31 Skybuilders’ Scrips per craft but are a whole lot easier to make.

Last but certainly not least, take these Scrips just a few steps north to Enie, the Scrip Exchange NPC. Interact with her to bring up a list of dialogue options. We want the third choice down: “Skybuilders’ Scrips (Materials/Materia/Items).” This opens a shop menu with a variety of different items for you to purchase. Scroll down until you find Ruby Red Dye among the list of available options — just below the listed Materia. You should see it there for a total of 100 Skybuilders’ Scrips apiece.

What is Ruby Red Dye Worth in FFXIV?

The short answer to this question is “100 Skybuilders’ Scrips.” That’s very obviously how much it costs when buying them from the vendor Enie.

The real answer is that Ruby Red Dye is worth whatever you can sell it for on the Market Board. This will fluctuate depending on all sorts of factors: your server, your Data Center, the time of day, the time of week. Especially, though, it will depend on your proximity to a major patch. Cosmetics prices in FFXIV always skyrocket after a big update (when more players are playing and demanding more stuff). Prices then frequently cool again just before a major patch (when players are waiting to get back into the game).

If you really want to get into the weeds, the value is mostly tied to those Approved Skybuilders’ crafting items. These can be sold as raw materials on the Market Board as well.

Using the Grade 4 Skybuilders’ Bed as an example again: you would need 10 White Cedar Logs, 10 units of Wheat, and 10 Gossamer Cotton Bolls. All of the special Ishgardian Restoration variety. Plus one normal piece of Dwarven Cotton. Then multiply all that by two, since you need that many beds of the highest Collectability level for Potkin.

In order to make a profit, Ruby Red Dye should sell for the cost of those materials or more in order to turn a profit. (You don’t technically need to sell for more than the cost of materials, since you will have excess Scrips left over that contribute to the next Ruby Red Dye you buy, but it makes for an easy point of comparison).

Most of the time, FFXIV crafters and gatherers are smart enough to do that math for you. Nobody plays the Market Board to lose money on purpose. So, while the overall prices fluctuate, people generally try to make sure any item sold to other players stays above the cost of materials. This isn’t 100 percent foolproof, though, so just add up the cost of materials yourself in comparison to Market Board prices for Ruby Red Dye if you’re nervous!

Of course, there’s also the value Ruby Red Dye has for your fashion. Nobody can but you can put a price on that.

And that’s it for our look at Ruby Red Dye in FFXIV. We hope it helped you find some, get some, and enjoy some with your glamour collection. Enjoy and take care!

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