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FF7 Intergrade Synergize Guide - How to Use Syngerized Attacks

A new DLC story chapter for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake has arrived! The story revolves around Wutai operative Yuffie Kisaragi’s attempt to infiltrate Shinra’s headquarters to steal their ultimate Materia. Set after the events of the base game, players will control Yuffie in this bite-sized adventure. While you can simply focus on beating the main story missions, the new Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade DLC (Titled INTERmission) comes with several side quests you can also partake. Despite the similarities with the base game, INTERmission does switch things up in the gameplay department. In this DLC, you can only control Yuffie during combat, with her partner Sonon controlled by the A.I. However, you can team up to perform devastating synergized attacks on enemies.

How to Perform Syngerized Attacks

Once you unlock Sonon, you will gain the ability to synergize your attacks. This is done by attacking a target with Yuffie and then simply tapping the Left Trigger. Doing so will cause both Yuffie and Sonon to begin striking the same opponent at a much higher rate, upping your overall damage output. You will be using this move often while playing Yuffie’s DLC, as it’s one of the best methods for absolutely building up a stagger bar if you don’t have the right elemental; Materia equipped. Once initiate a synergize, all of your attacks will be tied with Sonon until you tap the Left Trigger a second time. You will get an alert on your screen on the right side letting you know when the duo is and isn’t synergized.

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Additionally, you can perform synergized ability attacks, which are far more powerful. The catch is these will each a chunk out of your ATB, so you cannot just spam them at enemies. To perform a synergized ability, you will need to first tap the Left Trigger. Once you’ve built up enough ATB, open up Yuffie’s battle menu by pressing X and then select Abilities. You should see the word Syngerized before the first two options. So it will say, “Synergized Art of War” instead of just “Art of War.” Select this ability to make Yuffie and Sonon perform their special attack against an enemy. If you want to reduce the ATB cost, you can hunt down the Kindred Cord necklace and equip it to either Yuffie or Sonon.

You will want to use a synergized move to either deal a lot of physical damage to a single target or quickly stagger an enemy. With that being said, I’ve found they are best to deal extra punishment to single targets that are already staggered like bosses. In the Intermission boss fights, you will occasionally have pretty generous damage windows and this is where these synergized moves shine. Just make sure to break the synergy once you’re done, otherwise, you may be putting Sonon in harm’s way when you attack.

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