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Deathloop Updaam Cave Safe Code Guide - How to Unlock the Cave Safe

The groovy new action/adventure game Deathloop has finally been released. Developed by famed developers, Arkane Studios, Deathloop is all about attempting to kill eight targets in a single day. This is easier said than done since death will send you back to the start of the day. Taking inspiration from the rogue-lite genre, Deathloop is all about dying and using the information gathered to improve your performance. During your journey, you will gain a suite of powerful abilities and weapons that can obliterate your foes.

Similar to other Arkane titles, there are quite a few safes you will need to find codes for. But far and away the trickiest puzzle in the entire game is located in a cave in Updaam. Not only will you need to find the code, but it will be different during every playthrough. So here’s a breakdown of how to solve this puzzle and where to find each number in Updaam.

How to Solve the Updaam Cave Safe

You can find this safe in a cave in Updaam directly below Alexis’ mansion. It’s accessible during any time, but the best time of days to unlock it is morning and afternoon since Juliana won’t be bothering you while you’re running around. We will be breaking this puzzle up into three distinct parts.

  • Finding all six numbers hidden throughout Updaam
  • Determining the three triangles (and numbers used for the safe code)
  • Unlocking the safe itself

Before we begin it’s important to note that both the numbers you’ll find in Updaam and the three triangles alongside the map will be entirely random. It will be different for each player and playthrough, meaning my code will not be the same for you. I strongly recommend you write or type down the numbers as you find them. This will make determining the correct sequence and which numbers you will be using much simpler.

Where to Find the Updaam Numbers

Skull Number – Front of Colt’s Apartment

The first number we are going to hunt down is the one directly outside of Colt’s apartment. If you are looking for numbers in the morning it will be adjacent to the large crowd outside of Alexis’ mansion. For those in the afternoon, it’s the apartment complex across from the massive present. You will find this number by the railing near the doorway.

Southern X Number – Outside Moxie

Follow the path along the cliffside from Colt’s apartment until you reach Charlie’s massive game room called Moxie. By the steel gate, you will see a large stone wall with the phrase “Time is your plaything,” painted over the arch. In the bottom right corner of this wall, by the stone railing, you will find the number. It may be obstructed by the bush, but I assure you it’s there.

No Dash Number – Alleyway

From Moxie’s, continue along the path until you reach a massive iron gate on your right. If you don’t have the code to open it, use the cliffs to scale over the top. Just be careful to not drop into a group of Eternalists! Once the area is clear, you will find the number along the first column next to a large spotlight.

Deathloop Double Dash Number

Double Dash Number – Outfront of Charlie’s Mansion

This one can be a little tricky to find since Charlie’s mansion is only accessible at noon. While you can see this number if you have a scoped sniper rifle, it’s much easier to just visit Charlie’s mansion at noon to obtain the missing digit. You can find his home across the bridge on the far left side of the map. Once you cross the long bridge, right out front you will see a display showcasing a green tentacle monster (get your mind out of the gutters) and some planets. Above the closed metal door will be the number that’s marked as a double dash on the cave map.

Ring Number – Library Entrance

Probably the easiest number to find, you can find this one by the entrance of the library. Keep in mind, a lot of Eternalists hang around this area so be prepared for a fight. Either kill or sneak by them towards the silver double doors leading inside. You will find the number on the left column, partially hidden by some red fabric draping over it. This number’s location is designated as a ring on the cave map.

Question Mark Number – Otto’s Workshop

The final code can be found by Otto’s Workshop, which is where the firework machine is located. If you visit this place later in the day it will have burned down, but the code is still accessible. To the left of Otto’s place, you’ll find a locked door with a number by the steps on the left.

Solving The Triangles

Once you have all the numbers, make your way back to the cave. Here’s where things get a bit annoying, as you’ll need to determine what the numbers are for the three, three-digit codes needed for the safe. This is done by looking at the scratched triangles next to the map with the note on it. The top triangle will give you the numbers for the first code, the middle triangle shows the numbers for the second code, and the bottom triangle is for the last code. The shape of the triangles will be different for everyone, meaning you will need to look at the map and use the markings (skull, ring, dashes, etc) to determine each triangle code combo.

Above is an example of my code during my playthrough. As you can see, the black triangle is going to be the first meaning my first code will be some combination of the numbers 2, 2, and 7. As for the middle triangle, you can see that above in blue. I used the ring as a marker and drew the shape of the triangle with the numbers acting as the vertices or points where each line meets. Since the bigger triangle is second in line, that means my second code is made up of the numbers 7, 6, and 2. I then followed the same method, this time using both the skull and ring icons as markers when drawing my triangle.

For whatever reason, sometimes you will see the ring symbol next to two dashes. This can be a bit confusing since there is a separate two-dash symbol. If these are together, just use the ring icon as your indicator. Remember, the triangle points will always be where the numbers are located and sometimes you just won’t use a number for any of the codes. So long as the triangles sync up with the carvings to the right of the map, you will be golden.

Finding the Safe Code

Once you have the three numbers for each triangle, just put in different combos of those numbers until one is accepted. Upon correctly picking the right number, the safe will flash green and one of the lights to the left of the safe will turn on. Do the same for the second and third codes until the safe unlocks. You will then have the correct number combos saved in your notes under Updaam. Inside is 5,000 Residuum, which you can use to infuse your gear. I recommend unlocking this safe early on so you can keep coming back every time you visit Updaam to get some free Residuum.

While this is Deathloop’s most devious puzzle, it’s definitely worth your time to seek out the numbers, figure out the codes, and collect the rewards.

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