Warframe Trinity and Nova Prime Vault Dual Pack — Is It Worth It?

Warframe‘s latest Prime Vault opening features Trinity and Nova Prime, two powerful support frames. Their return from the Prime Vault means that their components are now obtainable through Void Relics until they are once again rotated out in a few months. But as with every Prime Vault opening, you can also directly purchase Trinity and Nova Prime, along with a lot of extras. So, is the Trinity and Nova Prime Dual Pack worth it?

What You Get — Trinity and Nova Prime Dual Pack

The main offering for this Prime Vault unvaulting features, of course, Trinity and Nova Prime. It also includes Dual Kamas PrimeSoma Prime, and Vasto Prime, which are melee, secondary, and primary weapons, respectively. In terms of cosmetics, you get the Kavasa Kubrow Prime Collar (with Prime Gene Masking Kit and Incubator Upgrade Segment), the Edo Prime Armor Set, the Velorum Prime SigilNaviga Prime Sugatra, and Trinity Prime and Nova Prime Glyphs. Finally, you also receive 1200 Platinum. This pack costs $59.99.

That may seem steep for a content pack, but let’s take a closer look. Firstly, the cosmetics included are currently exclusive to this bundle. You can’t get the Edo Prime Armor Set anywhere else, nor the Naviga Prime Sugatra, and they’re neat additions to any Warframe. If you’re eyeing the Kavasa Kubrow Prime Collar and Armor, they’re also tied to this release.

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The weapons contained in the pack are obtainable through Void Relics, but if you want to skip that and focus on other drops, you’ll get a lot of use out of them. Soma Prime boasts a large magazine and high critical hit chance, and its Slash/Puncture damage will chew through unshielded enemies. Vasto Prime is a solid pistol that can be crafted into the dual-wielded Akvasto Prime. And the Dual Kamas Prime are a powerful pair of scythes (which count as swords) that attack quickly and have a very high chance to inflict status.

The Warframes themselves are both highly ranked choices, with Nova Prime in particular being one of the best frames in the game right now. Both of them are great team players and function as aggressive support classes, with Nova more focused on buffing damage and Trinity on boosting health and energy. As Prime models, they have increased stats over their base forms, come with additional mod polarities, and have that gilded Orokin look to them.

So, is the Trinity and Nova Prime Dual Pack Worth It?

If you’re going to spend money on Warframe, then the Prime Vault packs are the way to go. To illustrate, if you were to purchase Platinum on its own, you could get 1000 for $49.99. For an additional $10, the Prime Vault pack gives you 200 more Platinum, a wealth of cosmetics, three Prime Weapons, and two Prime Warframes. Other than the Dual Pack, you can also purchase individual Trinity and Nova Prime packs or even just the accessories for each Warframe. Of course, the Dual Pack works out to be the best deal, and the individual ones don’t come with as much Platinum, nor is it as highly discounted.

The only reason to spend money elsewhere in Warframe would be if you prefer to unlock Primes via Void Relics and/or if you only want to spend money on cosmetics. Even if that’s the case, though, you could still buy the Dual Pack and then immediately sell the frames and weapons, which would leave you with the cosmetics and Platinum — still a great deal. And if you don’t want to spend any money at all, remember that everything in the Prime Vault pack (with the exception of the cosmetics) is available in-game via Void Relics until Trinity and Nova Prime are returned to the vault.


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