Warframe Syndicate Guide: How to Maximize Your Standing Gains

Warframe Syndicates open up once you reach Mastery Rank 3. You can find them on the console on your Orbiter. Here you can choose to support some of the various factions in the game. There are a total of 14 Syndicates, all of which you can curry favor with by completing quests, missions, and alerts while wearing one of their emblems. Increasing your Standing with these groups typically unlocks new items to purchase, using the very reputation points that also rank them up!

A good number of factions are neutral. Cephalon Simaris, the Ostron of Cetus, and the Solaris on Fortuna don’t really care who else you interact with. If you spend time doing things for them, they’re happy.

But there are six groups which fall under the warring Faction Syndicates. This includes Steel Meridian, the Arbiters of Hexis, Cephalon Suda, The Perrin Sequence, Red Veil, and New Loka. Each has allies, opposition, and enemies.

Increase your Red Veil rank, for example, and the Steel Meridian will gain half as much reputation — since the two syndicates are allied with each other. Cephalon Suda, on the other hand, will lose half as much standing as you earned. The Arbiters of Hexis, being the enemies of Red Veil, lose just as many points as you gained for your supported faction in the first place.

  • Supported Faction: +100 percent standing
  • Allied Faction: +50 percent standing
  • Opposed Faction: -50 percent standing
  • Enemy Faction: -100 percent standing

Because of this system, it’s only possible to achieve the maximum rank with four of the six factions at any given time. With weapons, mods, and much more locked behind each of these ranks, if you want to truly unlock everything, there’s a lot of work to do.

Warframe Red Veil and New Loka

Earning Warframe Standing

To earn standing with each of the factions, you first have to equip its respective “Sigil.” As you progress through the ranks you’ll unlock more of these cosmetic emblems that further increase the number of standing points you earn. For that reason, we always recommend choosing the Sigil as your free reward for ranking up with a Syndicate. At max rank, these provide a 15 percent standing bonus for every mission you complete.

You can only earn so much standing per day, however. The starting daily standing cap is only 1,000, but you can earn 1,000 more standing with each Mastery Rank. It’s worth noting that the neutral factions have separate daily standing caps than the Faction Syndicates.

Syndicate Alert rewards do now count towards the cap, however. So make sure to complete them every day to earn the maximum amount of standing!

Warframe Syndicate Alerts

Every day you can perform “Syndicate Alerts.” These missions refresh at every 24-hour reset and give various amounts of standing. You can complete three Syndicate Alerts per day, per faction that you have at least level one Standing with, but not for factions that dislike you. Equipping a Sigil will still give you a bonus from each Alert — even though the main payout doesn’t count against your daily Standing limit.

Losing Warframe Standing

It is possible to lose standing by supporting opposing or enemy factions. Doing so can even cause you to be demoted. If your standing drops below zero, you can become an outright enemy of the faction. There is a -44,000 cap on how low this can go, though. So don’t worry about getting into a hole you can’t crawl out of.

A negative reputation means the faction, well, hates you. As a result, they will randomly inject death squads into your existing missions. Although it’s a fairly rare occurrence. These hit teams are indicated by flickering lights and an announcement from the faction’s leader, similar to the Stalker or the Grustrag Three. The groups consist of up to eight Eximus-level units. That means they have special auras that can affect things like your total Warframe energy. At the rank of negative two, the enemy Syndicate will send an entire platoon after you.

There is no penalty or bonus for killing these units, but they can drop specter blueprints just like any Eximus.


Because leveling factions takes so much time and effort, and you can only realistically max out four teams at once, we recommend you decide what group you want to support well before you grind Standing.

Whichever group of four you don’t want to continue to work for should be leveled up first, so you can get those rewards right away. Since they are outside your main four, you’ll lose access to their shop (albeit not permanently) once you start this process.

Once you complete that, or if the decision doesn’t particularly matter to you, you need to find two friendly syndicates. There’s an entire chart on the Warframe Wikia that breaks down the possible combinations and results. We recommend any of the top four, but if you really don’t want Steel Meridian or Red Veil, you can choose the final grouping.

Neutral Syndicates

As we mentioned before, the neutral Syndicates don’t care who else you work for. You cannot lose standing with Solaris United, Vox Solaris, the Ostron, the Quills, the Vent Kids, or Cephalon Simaris by working for any of the other groups. Many of the other rules about Syndicates continue to apply, though. For instance, there is a daily limit to how much Standing you can accrue for neutral Syndicates. You can also select one free reward from each faction when you level up your standing with them.

Unlike Faction Syndicates, however, you don’t have to worry about equipping Sigils on your Warframe. You just have to do any of the bounty missions or tasks the groups ask of you. That includes things like trading in gems or fish. In fact, it’s often best to farm Standing via fishing and mining. It’s easy and you can hoard the items in your inventory. That means you can save them to trade another day, after the Standing reset takes effect, without waiting for new bounties.


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