Warframe Speedster Tips – Nightwave Elite Weekly Challenge Guide

Nightwave is ready to put your pedal to the metal with the Speedster Nightwave challenge.

In Warframe, speedster is more than just what you call someone playing Gauss or Volt. It’s actually the name of an Elite Weekly Challenge during Nightwave. This kinda-sorta Warframe battle pass offers regular, rotating challenge for players old and new alike. And it’s entirely free! You don’t have to beat every single challenge on the list to get everything, but it does make things easier. The Elite Weekly Challenges in particular offer close to entire Nightwave levels in a single swipe. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the Warframe “Speedster” challenge during Nightwave — to help you boost through the pass and get those neat rewards. Let’s take a look.

The good news is that the Speedster challenge isn’t too complicated. You just need to be a single Capture mission anywhere in the system. The better news is that Capture missions are already one of the quickest, simplest mission types in Warframe. That’s what makes them a favorite among players hunting for vaults in the Orokin Derelict and such. The bad news is that 90 seconds still isn’t a lot of time… That’s especially true since you lose time simply capturing your target, as the process sticks in you in place for several seconds as they wriggle and scream.

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Your first step should be to eliminate unruly variables. In other words, switch to solo play or “friends only.” This will ensure you don’t get matched with random players that might wreck your clear time — forcing you to wait at the extraction point while they keep up. Even new players should be able to handle a single Capture mission all on their own anyway.

Killing your opponent is also a factor. That’s why we recommend the Elion node on Mercury as your Capture mission of choice. It’s the lowest level node of its type in the game. Lower levels mean less enemy health and armor, leading to a quicker time to kill on your target. That’s important, because you ideally want to knock out the capture target in one shot. These special enemies have a nasty habit of dropping a smoke bomb and becoming invisible for a few seconds while you chase them. Normally that’s just annoying. During the Speedster Nightwave challenge, it’s a potential make or break move.

As you approach your prey, and especially after you collect them, make sure you’re bullet jumping. This is the quickest way to move around normally in Warframe. And it’s vital to completing the Speedster challenge. Try to avoid using the aim glide too much. It’s good for clearing long gaps, but Elion doesn’t have too many of those, so you should focus on sliding and jumping to extraction quickly instead.

Finally, your choice of Warframe matters greatly. We recommend any of the following:

  • Titania – This is probably the best choice. Equip her and proceed to the target normally. After you capture them should you activate Razorwing and simply fly to the exit at high speed. Do not use Razorwing in the run up to the target. It has a long cast animation and you’ll need to exit the flight mode to start the capture animation, wasting precious seconds.
  • Volt – This is a great, accessible option for most players. Volt’s aptly named Speed skill allows you to simply sprint through the mission. This is more useful than it sounds, as bullet jumping can often get you stuck on ledges or above doors — forcing you into clamber animations that waste more time.
  • Wukong – Assuming you equip duration and efficiency mods, Wukong can use his Cloud Walker skill to blitz through the level in quick bursts. It’s not as consistent as Titania. The frequent recasting can be disorienting, and you’ll burn through energy fast with an suboptimal build. But Cloud Walker moves fast.
  • Gauss – This Warframe has great speed, but not nearly as much control as his compatriots. Since Elion uses the Grineer Asteroid tileset, there are a lot of twists and turns that make Gauss’s herky jerky abilities tricky to use. But you might be able to make up for it with pure speed.

And that’s it for our guide to Speedster in Warframe, during the Nightwave challenges! We hope these tips help you impress Nora Night and solve whatever puzzle she’s put together this time.


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