Warframe Silent Eliminator Guide – Nightwave Elite Weekly Challenge

It's worth 7000 Nightwave standing, but this challenge can be done in about 70 seconds.

In Warframe, Silent Eliminator can seem like a daunting Nightwave challenge for new players. There are plenty of stealth ‘frames to choose from, but things don’t always go according to plan. Not to mention slowly picking your way through an Exterminate mission — usually one of the fastest and most straightforward activities — isn’t necessarily fun. That’s part of why we put together this Silent Eliminator guide for the weekly Warframe challenge! That way you can get your 7000 Nightwave standing as fast as possible and get back to the rest of your regular play.

Despite the daunting phrasing, Silent Eliminator might just be one of the easiest weekly Nightwave challenges in Warframe. That’s if you’ve unlocked the right node on your star map, of course. You specifically want Oxomoco: a mission in the Void region that fits the challenge criteria of being level 30 or higher. And… that’s really all there is to it. You don’t need a special Warframe, special mods, special tactics, or anything else. So long as you’re strong enough to complete the fairly low-level mission, you’re all set to play normally!

The reason is simple. Oxomoco uses the “Corrupted” enemy type. These look like golden versions of various other foes found in the Grineer and Corpus factions. Plus some unique drones with highly decorated designs. In reality (or rather in Warframe lore), they’re effectively zombies. The foes here are hapless Grineer and Corpus soldiers that have been mind controlled by ancient technology to act as living security systems for a long dead civilization.

Perhaps because they are the security system, or because the Orokin are no longer alive during the period when Warframe takes place, there are no alarms here. Meanwhile the Silent Eliminator Elite Weekly challenge tasks you with completing an Exterminate node “without triggering alarms.” This isn’t the same as simply being detected — drawing the attention of enemies to run towards you. Alarms in Warframe are a unique mechanic triggered by living enemies at computer consoles. You can actually kill them if they try to trigger alarms in a more standard Exterminate. But in Oxomoco it’s simply not necessary. You can go in guns blazing to your heart’s content.

If there’s any special tip to add, it’s perhaps to keep an eye out for Argon Crystals. This unique (time-limited) resources only drops in the Void. So you might as well look for the glowing purple items, marked with a green light, as you proceed. They’re good for crafting certain weapons, Warframes, and items back at your Foundry. If all else fails, they’re also great food for Helminth. Even if he’s not particularly fond of the stuff it’s better to feed them to your pet infested than let them expire after 24 real-world hours. If you don’t have the Helminth system unlocked yet, you can do so by ranking up with the Entrati family on Deimos.

And that’s all there is to it! This should get you through the Silent Eliminator Nightwave challenge with ease. There are other methods — like taking a stealth frame slowly through a normal mission — but nothing is quite as straightforward as this one. Best of luck, Tenno!


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