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Make sure to grab your Xoris before diving into this mini dungeon.

The Warframe Granum Void can be confusing, daunting, and disorienting for new players. You first encounter the mission type as part of a story quest: The Deadlock Protocol. Though its tutorial doesn’t fully prepare you for specifically how things work from then on — not to mention what rewards you can get. That’s why we’ve prepared this Granum Void Warframe guide to help nudge players towards all the important stuff tied to this mission! Not only is the Granum Void a vital part of the new Sisters of Parvos nemeses you can battle in-game; it’s also a great source of items and one of the very best weapons in Warframe. So let’s look at what we need to conquer this vexing task.

The Granum Void Basics

The Granum Void is accessible on most Corpus Ship maps. This doesn’t seem to include Railjack missions for the time being. Though you can still find the (nonfunctioning) entry points in those activities, as well. Said entry points are giant, golden hands: symbols of the titular Parvos Granum whom you meet in the void during The Deadlock Protocol. Once you complete the quest, his micro-dungeon becomes an infinitely repeatable task accessible through said hand statues.

Sort of. You can’t just enter the Granum Void on a whim. First you need one of three types of coins, or crowns, to enter. These Granum Crowns are conveniently held by sniveling enemy types that also appear on Corpus Ship missions. Meaning you can theoretically consume a crown to enter the void, get your rewards, continue with the mission, and get an identical replacement coin back from the special enemy. That way you can farm the Granum Void over and over without actually losing Granum Crowns overall.

Once you’re finally in the Granum Void, the objective is to simply kill enemies. These Errant Specters respawn infinitely and float around firing projectiles en masse. They’re not too deadly to start. However, once you kill a specter, it transforms into harmless particlesThese are the real threat (and the key to success). While they don’t do any damage on their own, Specter Particles will fuse together to create increasingly powerful Errant Specters that can absolutely eat any Warframe alive if left unchecked.

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You can theoretically ignore these particles. The Granum Void tasks you to kill up to 75 Errant Specters within a time limit to get the best rewards. Lesser rewards are also earned at 25 and 50 kills per attempt. Only the “living” specters count towards this goal; particles do not. Errant Specters also drop little pyramid-shaped items that increase your remaining time. Particles don’t appear to do that, either.

However, it’s really not worth it. Not only do Specter Particles make it harder to survive, by raising the overall level of Errant Specters you fight over time, you can also use the ghostly units to your advantage. You just need to use the Xoris glaive weapon given out as part of The Deadlock Protocol.

You Can Always Get More Granum Crowns

The unique enemies that carry Granum Crowns — called Treasurers — will announce their presence via a radio message when they spawn. They even get a red marker on your map to help locate them. The only issue is that Treasurers are tough goddamn cookies with a unique 98-99 percent damage reduction modifier. They barely fight back, but they can take ages to kill, and will escape if you don’t beat them fast enough. Magnetic damage and certain Warframes (Nyx, Xaku, Revenant, and of course Mesa) can shred their shields quickly.

The level of the mission determines the level of the Treasurer. This, in turn, determines the level of Granum Crown they drop. There are three in total. Tier one crowns drop on level 0-15 missions, tier two crowns drop on level 16-31, and tier threes drop from any Treasurer you encounter on a mission above level 30. This has no bearing on what level of Granum Void you can enter. Any golden hand will allow you to use any level of Granum Crown — no matter the mission. The rest just determines what level of coin you can acquire or get back.

You Need the Xoris… and That’s Okay!

Given the somewhat tedious nature of farming crowns, and the fact that they’re a consumable resource, it’s easy to want to cheese your way through the Granum Void. Maybe you want a special weapon or Warframe to clear each room out in seconds. Maybe you want a way to tank through the Specters’ damage without moving.

Not only is that not necessarily, it can be actively detrimental to your runs. Specter Particles will make your life  hell — even on tanky ‘frames. In all my testing, simply clearing the Granum Void with the Xoris (as the game encourages you to do) is the safest and fastest way to reach 75 specter kills.

The process is (sort of) explained in the tutorial. If you need a refresher, though, the Xoris is a melee weapon with a throwing attack, much like a boomerang. You can charge a throw by holding down the normal melee attack button. Simple! The Xoris will fly out and damage anything it touches. However, if you press the “heavy attack” button while the Xoris is airborne, it will also release an even deadlier explosion, which is great for clearing out Errant Specters and Specter Particles.

The thing about the Xoris is… it’s actually really good. It’s specifically useful in the Granum Void, yes, where floating enemies clump together for you to throw and blow. Not to mention there are no ammo drops inside. A boomerang style weapon with an area-of-effect attack that doesn’t require ammunition is ideal. Plus it’s the only thing that permanently kills Specter Particles. This clears foes fast, keeps them from leveling up, and stops you from needing to reload.

“Collecting” three particles by killing them with the Xoris will also charge a super-explosion that practically clears the screen in the Granum Void when you detonate the midair heavy attack. Besides acting as a Warframe BFG, you can use this supercharged hit to free Solaris United prisoners strung up throughout the Granum Void, adding another 20 seconds to your clock.

Even ignoring all that, the Xoris is just a statistically good weapon. It does great damage at a distance to large groups. You can improve that effectiveness further with mods. Killing Blow, Organ Shatter/Amalgam Organ Shatter, Sacrificial Steel, Whirlwind: there are a lot of options.

Any Warframe Works, but Some Can Help a Little

You basically can’t go wrong with any Warframe in the Granum Void. Many players recommend Mesa for her tremendous DPS. However, overreliance on her Peacemaker pistols will be more of a hindrance than a help. She constantly needs to stop and reset since Peacemaker locks you into place. You can offset this with an Augment, but even then her area-of-effect closes as she fires, forcing you to stop and start. Whereas constantly moving helps you collect “time pyramids” and position yourself near prisoners. And since the Xoris is already a good AoE option… You might as well keep on using it for maximum speed and efficiency. That way you can keep filling and refilling on particles. You can even attack with it while moving.

Vauban is actually a better option for supporting proper use of the Xoris. You can set and forget his tether mines in various places. These will consistently reach out and damage Errant Specters without taking control away from your Warframe (e.g. the way Peacemaker or Danse Macabre from Revenant would). That’s if you’re struggling to get kills by spamming Xoris explosions in the first place.

Volt is a similarly useful option. He can use the Discharge skill to damage or kill enemies. The Capacitance augment mod can then turn this damage into free shields. After the animation you’re free to lob the Xoris out to collect particles, mop up Errant Specters, or free prisoners as you wish.

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Understanding the Sisters of Parvos

There are several important reasons to play in the Granum Void. One is the Stropha: an absurdly powerful gunblade that many folks love to use against enemy Necramechs during Isolation Vault bounties. Its parts can only be collected across the three levels of Granum Void. The same goes for Protea blueprints. Finally, the Granum Void is a solid source of credits, Endo, and even Void Traces.

But the real fun begins once you exit the pocket universe. Killing at least 25 Errant Specters in a tier three Granum Void (a.k.a. the Nightmare Granum Void) will cause another unique enemy to spawn into your mission. This “Candidate” receives a radio announcement and red marker on the map — just like a Treasurer. Only they’re much, much easier to kill.

Defeating a Candidate will put them in a downed state for 30 seconds. During which time you can choose to simply walk away (in which case they’ll eventually expire and nothing will change) or mercy kill them with the action button (in which case you’ve now created a Sister of Parvos). The Sister will become your new nemesis — a special foe who appears to battle you with whatever weapon was displayed over the Candidate when you killed them.

It’s important to note which weapon the Candidate indicated, because this is also what the Sister of Parvos will drop for you, as loot, when you finally end them once and for all.

This system ties even tighter into the Granum Void, too. Every weapon spawned by a Candidate and Sisters of Parvos pairing gets one additional damage element tied to it. The element is determined by which Warframe you completed the Granum Void with, and some combinations are more desirable than others. Toxin is particularly popular at the moment. Though some composite elements (e.g. Corrosive, Radiation, etc.) have their benefits. The Tenet Arca Plasmor, for instance, can greatly benefit from Magnetic damage — a typically niche element — when using the Galvanized Savvy and Hunter Munitions mods.

One final note: You will not spawn a Candidate after accessing the Granum Void if you already under fire from the Sisters of Parvos or a Kuva Lich. Keep that in mind before hunting one down!

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The Best Missions for Granum Void Runs

As previously mentioned, the golden hand statues will spawn on any Corpus Ship mission sans Railjack outings. These can be found on Venus, Phobos, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. The best mission to enter the standard Granum Void, then, is Skyresh on Phobos. It’s a low-level Capture mission that will provide a steady supply of Granum Crowns and an incredibly easy objective before or after. Capture missions are by far the fastest to complete in all of Warframe.

Similarly, the best mission in which to enter the Nightmare Granum Void is Hydra on Pluto. This is another easy capture mission that will net you a tier three Zenith Granum Crown for every run. Assuming you’re quick enough to kill the Treasurer, of course. If you are you’ll replenish the coin you spend on each attempt in the Granum Void itself.

Your choice for the middle tier mission — the best place to enter the Extended Granum Void and retrieve the corresponding Exemplar Granum Crowns — is appropriately a coin flip. There are just two options: Adrastea on Jupiter or Triton on Neptune. The former is a Sabotage while the latter is a Rescue. Neither is as quick as a Capture. Though I probably give the nod to Triton. Rescue missions are still very quick and easy at low levels. If you bring Ciphers to quick-hack terminals, all the better. The only annoyance is potentially babysitting your Rescue target while whittling down the Treasurer to get your replacement Granum Crown.

But overall these tips, tricks, tactics, and strategies should help you get the most out of your time in the Granum Void. Not to mention the time you spend after escaping. Best of luck getting in, getting out, and getting what you want!


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