How to Get All 6 Legacy Community Loading Screen in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 10 is less than a week away, so Respawn Entertainment is celebrating by allowing players to earn all six of the community-created loading screens. Originally released throughout the season, these loading screens were created by members of the Apex Legends community and all possess a unique artistic style. While players can use the loading screens earned via the battle pass, the ones crafted by outside artists are perhaps the best in the entire game. While players were forced to earn them one at a time, Respawn is giving everyone one last chance to nab all the Legacy loading screens before they’re gone for good. The good news? All you have to do is link your account and load up Twitch.

How to Get All 6 Legacy Community Loading Screens

To unlock all 6 of the Legacy loading screens you need to first log onto EA’s official website and then go to Account Settings by clicking your icon at the top right. You will be able to see what platforms are linked to this account so you ensure you’re getting the loading screens on the account you use. Now go to Twitch, log into your Twitch account, and go to Settings. You’ll see a subtab asking you to go to Connections. This is where you can link your EA account with your Twitch account to ensure you get the drops.

Apex Legends Community Loading Screens

Now just bring up your Apex Legends streamer of choice and watch them for a total of four hours. It doesn’t all need to be in one sitting and it can be with literally anyone streaming Apex Legends with drops enabled. This is going to be pretty much every major streamer covering the game. Once you have watched enough, you can then go to your Drops page and claim these loading screens. The Drops section is also a nice way to keep an eye on how much longer you need to watch to earn these rewards. If you only want loading screen 6, then you just need to watch for a single hour. Players will have until August 3rd to obtain these loading screens before the season ends and presumably a new wave of art arrives.

Apex Legends Community Loading Screens

Along with the loading screens, this is your last week to make a push to whatever rank you want to hit. Once the season ends, everyone’s rank will be dropped. Additionally, we already know about a number of changes coming to Season 10 thanks to a Gamespot article. Along with the new tracking legend Seer and changes to the World’s Edge map, several legends will be getting adjustments. Fuse appears to be the biggest, with enemies now trapped in his Motherloade ultimate being revealed to the entire team and his Knuckle Clusters now last 50% longer. Caustic’s gas damage will now scale while his ultimate’s gas cloud now lingers around for less time.

Horizon gained a little bit of manueverability while in her Gravity Lift and Revenant’s Death Totem will now give an audio and visual signifier when it’s about to expire. We also know that Ranked Arena’s is coming along with a new LMG called the Rampage. There have also been some minor weapon tweaks and the Prowler and Triple Take have been replaced by the Alternator and Spitfire in the Care Package. With less than a week to go, it will be itneresting to see just how much Season 10 shifts the meta.


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