The Outer Worlds Romance Guide – How Relationships Work

The Outer Worlds has a lot in common with other RPGs. But how does that extend to romance?

In The Outer Worlds, romance is a tricky thing. The corporations don’t look too kindly on anything that might reduce “productivity.” And that usually includes the squishy stuff. Still, there are hints at it here and there, with some tragically star-crossed lovers appearing in side quests and back story. Not to mention you have a whole crew of interesting law-breakers on your side. With a legacy built on classic computer RPGs, surely there really is time for love here and there? That’s what we’re going to address in our romance guide to The Outer Worlds. Let’s take a look!

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There are, I’m sad to report, basically two answers to the question of “Is there romance in The Outer Worlds?” The first and simplest answer is: no. At least not in the sense that you might be thinking. The developers at Obsidian Entertainment thought to temper our expectations before the release of the game. So we already knew from interviews that there weren’t romance options in the style of Bioware games — like Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic. It’s a bit jarring, considering how much else The Outer Worlds borrows from the structure of those games, but them’s the breaks!

The second answer is: kinda? If all you want is a goofy cutscene of two characters awkwardly kissing, before the camera cuts away and implies they’re boning (and maybe some side tiddy I dunno), then you will be disappointed. But! There really is some romance woven into the story of the game. And if you don’t know where to look, you might just miss it.

Most of this is tied to Parvati Holcomb. She’s the first companion you can recruit in The Outer Worlds. She’s also the one with the most romance in her life, if you choose to complete her Companion Quest. This requires you to speak to Parvati at the right time (she’ll let you know when). After which you ought to bring her with you to speak with Junlei Tennyson aboard Groundbreaker.

This kicks off the Companion Quest for Parvati: “Don’t Bite the Sun.” It mostly has you traipsing up and down the cosmos, listening to your friend’s woes, and often collecting some unique items for her. It’s also very sweet. Parvati is a great character and it’s well worth your time to learn about her.

I won’t go into tremendous detail about what happens (no spoilers). But you will eventually get the chance to float an idea past Parvati. You can more-or-less confess your own love for her, when she tells you about her other romance problems. Although it doesn’t really go anywhere… Parvati has eyes for one person in particular. And her Companion Quest is pretty much entirely structured around that, if you follow it through.

There’s also one other Outer Worlds romance worth noting. It’s just, uh… very different. All you need to do to start it is reactive SAM aboard the Unreliable. After that, you bear witness to a number of “conversations” between him and ADA, your ship-board A.I. Exactly when the exchanges occur is random. Yet you can always hear them in the cockpit of your ship — just to your right as you board the Unreliable. As long as you don’t interrupt, ADA will describe her relationship with SAM in a variety of ways. It seems a bit one-side, though.

And there you have it! This has been our guide to The Outer Worlds romance options. It’s likely going to disappoint some players to hear, I know, but try to enjoy the little exchanges you get instead. They’re still a lot of fun, in their own ways! Until then, take care.