Resident Evil 2 Medallion Guide – The Goddess Statue Puzzle

Resident Evil 2 can be a tricky game. Not long after you arrive at the Raccoon City Police Department, you’ll be tasked with opening a secret passageway beneath a statue in the Main Hall. To do this, you need to locate three medallions scattered throughout the Police Station. The station isn’t the easiest place to navigate, however, so let us be your guide through the nightmare that is the Resident Evil 2 Goddess Statue Medallion Puzzle!

Resident Evil 2 Medallion Puzzle

Where to Find the Lion Medallion

This is by far the easiest of the three medallions to obtain. Head up the stairs in the main lobby and you’ll see a statue of a lion with a combination lock. The solution to this puzzle can be found in the notebook you obtained earlier. Enter the following code to claim your first medallion:

Resident Evil 2 Medallion Puzzle

Where to Find the Unicorn Medallion

Now you need to progress through the police station. Use your Combat Knife to unlock the door on the southeast side of the Main Hall. Then continue along the path. You’ll eventually end up on the third floor of the station in the Library. Marvin will call and ask you to come back, but ignore him for now. Instead, head down the stairs to the lower level of the Library and go through the exit to the south of the room, into the Lounge.

Here you will find the Unicorn statue, which holds the Unicorn Medallion. As before, you can check your notebook for the code, but we’ve also shown it below:

Resident Evil 2 Medallion Puzzle

Now head back into the Library. Take the eastern exit from here, using the Spade Key you found along the way. This door will bring you back to the Main Hall, giving you a chance to plug the Unicorn Medallion into the statue. Just one more to go!

Resident Evil 2 Medallion Puzzle

Where to Find the Maiden Medallion

When you return to the Main Hall, Marvin will show you a CCTV feed of your companion (either Leon or Claire, depending on who you picked at the start of the game). Follow his instructions and meet up with them. After the reunion, you’ll find a pair of Bolt Cutters nearby. Use them to reenter the Police Station, and then again to gain access to the East Office. You will find a Valve Handle and a Fuse in this area. Un-barricade the western door and exit into the hallway, where you can use the Fuse to open the shutter and return to the Main Hall.

From here, you want to go back into the western side of the station and make your way back to the Operations Room on the first floor. Your route will be significantly more zombie-infested than the last time you were here, so be warned (and careful). Once you reach the Operations Room, use your Bolt Cutters to open the southern door. You should find a Detonator straight ahead on the desk as you enter. Sadly, it’s missing a Battery.

Resident Evil 2 Medallion Puzzle

To find our 9-volt friend, we need to head up to the Shower Room on the second floor. Here you can use the Valve Handle to turn off the steam. Move into the next hallway, but keep your eyes on the ceiling! This will be your first encounter with a Licker — one of the most iconic enemies in Resident Evil 2. If you’re quiet you can ignore the monster and sneak into the door on your left, which leads to the S.T.A.R.S. Office. In here, you’ll find the Battery you need, on top of the desk inside the cubicle immediately to your left as you enter. Combine the Detonator and the Battery in your inventory.

Now leave and make your way to the West Storage Room on the third floor (remember the Licker outside). Once here, you can set the Detonator on the C4. Be warned that the blast will knock over the bookcase, blocking the door to the Library until you move it. The noise will also attract both a Zombie and a Licker.

Resident Evil 2 Medallion Puzzle

Your best move is to set the Detonator and then stand by the bookcase. As soon as the blast knocks it down, stand it back up and then run into the newly open cell. Here you’ll find the Maiden Statue and the final puzzle! Once again, use the notebook to find the solution. Some of the symbols are obscured on this one, but it’s still easy enough to decipher. The solution is shown below (if in doubt, just match the scuff marks rather than the symbols):

Resident Evil 2 Medallion Puzzle

Now either fight or run away from the enemies in this room (I’d run, since you don’t really need to come back here). With all three medallions obtained, return to the Main Hall and unlock the secret underground passageway.

Congratulations! You just solved the first truly esoteric puzzle in Resident Evil 2. Now it’s time to venture underground to see what awaits you in the depths. It’s probably something nice… Right?


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