The Division 2 Exotics Guide: All Exotics and How to Get Them

No looter shooter is complete without a heaping of super powerful gear, and in The Division 2 that comes in the form of exotic weapons and gear with unique perks and useful stats. Exotics can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes — from assault rifles to shotguns — and each has its own special place in Division 2’s endgame. But what exotics are there? And how exactly do you get your hands on the exotic weapons? We’ll answer both of those questions in this guide: here’s a full list of The Division 2 exotics, complete with details on how to find them.

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Division 2 Dodge City Gunslinger’s Exotic Holster

This was the first ever piece of exotic armor in Division 2. The Dodge City Gunslinger holster has a trio of perks that better your pistol. You can unlock it through a rather lengthy four step mission.

Division 2 BTSU Datagloves Exotic

While we don’t have a guide for the relatively new BTSU exotic gloves, you can earn them by defeating heroic bosses. They’re a completely random drop from the Camp White Oak story mission, Black Tusk mobs, and the Invasion Heroic Mission. The gloves are particularly useful for players looking to create a Skill based build.

Division 2 Diamondback Exotic

Two things distinguish the Diamondback exotic from other lever-action rifles: first, the serpent wrapped around its barrel, and second, it’s mark-and-execute talents. It randomly marks enemies by default, and shooting those enemies nets you bonuses. You unlock it by completing The Convoy Expedition—read all about it here.

Division 2 Pestilence Exotic

The Pestilence exotic LMG leaves behind toxic clouds that damage enemies over time. It’s arguably not all that useful — enemies rarely stand in a big clump — but it’s nice to have it in your arsenal. It’s a random drop from killing named bosses in the Dark Zone, and you can read our full Pestilence exotic guide here for more details.

Division 2 Nemesis Exotic

The Nemesis exotic is a sniper rifle that can mark enemies through walls and fires charged shots. Instead of squeezing the trigger like normal, you have to hold down the fire button, and the damage ramps up the longer you hold it. To obtain it, you have to complete a series of endgame invaded missions and strongholds: everything you need to know is in our full Division 2 Nemesis exotic guide

Division 2 Sweet Dreams Exotic

Division 2’s Sweet Dreams exotic might just be the worst exotic in the game, but that still puts it a level above other shotguns. It provides buffs while holstered, but its main talents come into play when you melee enemies, so be prepared to get up in their faces. It’s a random drop from Outcast bosses — to find out more about it, read our Sweet Dreams exotic guide.

Division 2 Merciless Exotic

The Merciless exotic is a single-shot rifle with a unique firing mechanism: it fires primer rounds that embed in flesh and can stack up to five times in a single enemy. Releasing the trigger detonates all of the rounds, dealing extra damage. The Merciless exotic is a random drop earned by defeating Hyena bosses. For more, read our Merciless exotic guide.

Division 2 Chatterbox Exotic

The Chatterbox is one of the most popular exotics around. Its rapid rate of fire, which increases with every shot landed, combined with a talent that refills its magazine on every kill mean it’s ridiculously powerful against groups of enemies. To get it, you’ll need to farm Hyena keys and open Hyena caches: more on that here.

Division 2 Liberty Exotic

The Liberty is an exotic pistol that deals double damage to enemy electronics, highlights weak points, and boosts your damage after you destroy either. Getting it requires you to beat a series of tough missions: full instructions are here.

Division 2 Eagle Bearer Exotic

The Eagle Bearer exotic is a rifle that encourages you to fire as fast as you can: the rate of fire increases as long as you hold the trigger down with headshots quickening the reload of the 60-round weapon. You’ll need to defeat bosses in the Operation Dark Hour raid if you want to get the exotic, which is a random drop. Read more about it in our full The Division 2 Eagle Bearer guide.

Division 2 Lullaby Exotic

The Lullaby exotic shotgun was only available if you pre-ordered the game on Amazon, and you can’t get it if you didn’t preorder.

Division 2 Ruthless Exotic

Another preorder bonus, The Division 2 Ruthless exotic rifle isn’t available to other players.