The Best Weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a game where you use guns to shoot things for points to get more guns to help you shoot things better. Of course, it can seem more complicated than that, at times, between perks, attachments, and strategies. But, at its core, Call of Duty is about having a good gun and shooting things well. Here are the best weapons to use in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer.

Modern Warfare Best All-Arounder: PKM Light Machine Gun

The PKM unlocks early and can be modded out with scopes and sights that make its already impressive range downright sniper-like. On top of that, this LMG has a massive magazine that allows you to fire 100 rounds without stopping (and a clip that can be upgraded to hold 200 bullets at a time). Of course, that means an EXTREMELY long reload sequence, but for raw power, great range and pure feel — with its boxy design and a clanking ammo clip this thing looks like a heavy piece of machinery — you can’t beat the PKM.

Modern Warfare Best Run-and-Gunner: 725 Shotgun

This video on r/ModernWarfare is evidence o’plenty that the R9-0 is a fantastic shotgun if you want to keep the classic COD run-and-gun magic alive. But we prefer the 725 and think you might, too. With a wood-grain finish and sleek over/under barrel, this shotgun looks and feels like what you picture when you think about a video game shotgun. The barrel can only hold two slugs, but that’s all you’ll need to take down your opponents. With a snappy reload and a tendency to dole out one-hit kills even from a distance, the 725 is the gun to equip if you want to feel like you’re playing classic COD (or, classic DOOM).

Modern Warfare Most Overpowered: M4A1 Assault Rifle

It probably says it all that we considered including the M41 in the Best Run-and-Gunner and Best All-Arounder categories. Since Modern Warfare’s release last Friday, plenty of folks have complained about the M4A1 being in major need of a nerf (to the extent that there’s a thread on r/ModernWarfare arguing that the backlash is undeserved and the M4 is fine, actually). With a quick rate of fire, a speedy reload, long range and impressive damage, the M4A1 is strong in almost every circumstance.

Modern Warfare Best Sniper: HDR Sniper Rifle

This sleek black piece of death outclasses fellow sniper rifles, the Dragunov and the AX-50, in range, and when all of them do enough damage for one shot to equal one kill, what else matters?

In a game built for camping, the HDR is the outdoorsy soldier’s best friend. Equip the Overkill blue perk to carry a shotgun and you’ve got the best of both worlds. Though the HDR is no slouch up close if you know how to no-scope.

These four weapons are a great place to start and will have you covered in pretty much every kind of scrap. As we continue playing, we’ll keep this list updated with the best endgame guns and the best weapons that Infinity Ward adds over the next year.