Teamfight Tactics Weekly Missions Guide – TFT Mine 20 Gold, 3 Items on a 3 Star Unit

Taking on the newly emerged auto-chess genre, Teamfight Tactics is taking the genre by storm with its League of Legends-flavored take. The game is still in beta, but you can currently earn TFT Beta Pass Points to unlock all sorts of goodies, from avatars and emotes and more! The best way to get points? Completely the Weekly Missions!

Weekly Missions have three tiers, and some of them are more difficult to complete than others. Our TFT Weekly Missions guide will help you along the way.

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This Week’s TFT Weekly Missions

Play 5/8 Games of TFT to Round 20

This is a pretty straight-forward quest–basically, make it to at least round 20 in the match before getting knocked out. You don’t need to win the match, but you need to get far enough to make it to round 20 in the first place. Since the game displays rounds in a weird system, round 20 is just before the Raptor encounter. Getting this far requires enough knowledge of the game to survive. Our Teamfight Tactics Strategy Tips guide can help new players get to that point.

Play 30 Nobles or 30 Pirates / 30 Knights or Yordles.

Playing enough of a certain type of unit is a common Teamfight Tactics mission, and this week you need to play either 30 nobles or 30 pirates. It can’t be 15 of each, so pick one of the two types and start recruiting! Need help with having a good team set-up while doing this mission? Our TFT Nobles Team Comp guide can help you to victory.

Build a Three-Star Unit With Three Items

Note: This is currently bugged and can not be completed.

Now here’s a difficult one. Not only do you need to focus on building a three-star unit, but you also need to attach three items to them in order to complete this mission. Generally, for this, you’ll need to focus on getting a unit to three-stars above all else. This is a bit easier to do with a low-cost unit, as it’s less expensive to buy a total of nine of them to get to three-stars. Then, equip three items on them and you’re good to go!

Mine 20 Gold in One Stage

This new mission debuted this week, and it’s causing a lot of confusion with the community due to the wording. ‘Mining’ in this case is the interest you earn between rounds. A stage is a set of six rounds split between PVP and monster matches. So, you just need to make sure to get an average interest rate of four to five coins a round, with some leeway. The four-coin interest rate achieved by having 40 coins in the bank, which will accrue interest as you hold onto them. Hoarding coins can be difficult as you advance in the match, so it’s best to save up to try to complete this mission as quickly as possible.

Previous TFT Weekly Missions

Build a Two-Star Character

This mission made its debut a couple of weeks ago, with the ‘Build a two-star Darius’ mission. If you see this one pop up, you’re in luck because it’s a pretty easy mission! In order to create a two-star character, you grab three of the same characters with the same star rating and they’ll combine. This will make a two-star unit, and if it’s the character the mission is asking for, you’re golden. As an aside, you need three of the two-star units to make a three-star unit, so that’ s a bit more of a difficult feat…

Reach Level 6 by the Second Shared Draft

This mission is infamous for being very badly worded and very hard to achieve thanks to a bug. Ultimately Riot replaced the mission with another during the beta. However, a new version of the mission may come in the future. The gist is to quickly raise your level using gold to make sure you’re a high enough level by the time you get to the shared draft with other players.

Win a Round with Six Living Champions

This can be a little on the hard side, but with a strong set of champions, it’s not hard to achieve. First, you need to get to at least level 6, which will allow you to put six champions on the field in the first place. Then, they need to survive a PVP round. If you have good synergy and the opponent doesn’t, you can easily achieve this, but as the game progresses and weaker players are knocked out this will become hard to achieve. You can also raise your chances of at least six champions surviving by raising your levels further to get more champions on the field, giving you some wiggle room.