Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Guide – Should I Go to Dathomir or Zeffo?

While Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order doesn’t quite predicate itself on choice, there are a few occasions where knowing the outcomes of your decisions will benefit you, even if it’s just marginally. That’s why we’ve created this handy guide to help decide whether you should be going to Zeffo or Dathomir after you complete Bogano. 

When Do I Have to Make This Choice and What Is the Impact?

This decision comes after you escape the tutorial and finish the first real planet you can explore, Bogano. As you complete Bogano you will be presented with the ability to choose your next location from the holographic map. You’ll notice there are two options here; Zeffo or Dathomir. It’s important to know that no matter which decision you make, you can always explore the other planet at any point during the campaign. 

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Why Should I Go to Zeffo?

The first, and probably most important, reason to go to Zeffo is that this is the correct planet to visit should you wish to continue the story. Outside of that there are a few more reasons you should go here. Like the fact that you will unlock the Force Push, allowing you to knock down certain objects or burst through cracked walls or doors. You’ll also find Scomp Link, which allows you to Slice locked doors and chests. These two upgrades will prove vital in your exploration of all planets and will also help in Dathomir during combat and exploration. 

Why Should I Go to Dathomir?

Now that you know that Zeffo is probably the most logical choice, why should you go to Dathomir? Well, Dathomir offers plenty in the way of experience due to the enemies being significantly more difficult than Zeffo — reflecting the stern warning Cere issues when you select this location from the map. But more importantly, making your way through the tougher areas of Dathomir will provide you with a new style of lightsaber: the dual sided lightsaber. As you continue through the initial sections you will eventually reach a point where progression comes to a stand still when you encounter a mysterious stranger. Prior to this point, there should be a cave next to a ramp with a workbench inside it. Interacting with the workbench will unlock your lightsaber upgrade and a subsequent rest at a meditation spot will also unlock the accompanying skills to purchase in your Jedi Skills tree. 

Regardless of where you go, you’ll need to visit both of these locations on more than one occasion. So if your priority is to tackle the story head on, then Zeffo is a fine choice, whereas those of you desperate to play with new toys might like a detour through Dathomir. Either way, both planets are recurring locations in the story and you will eventually experience all each planet has to offer when you acquire all of your Jedi abilities.


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