Sea of Thieves Shroudbreaker Walkthrough: Shores of Gold Tall Tales Guide

The first Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves, Shroudbreaker, is no joke. Here's how to solve it!

With the launch of Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update, Rare has added an entirely new type of quest called Tall Tales. Tall Tales are story-driven, multi-mission campaigns which pirate crews can embark upon for unique rewards. The first of these Tall Tale campaigns, the Shores of Gold, launched with the Anniversary Update. Tall Tales can be quite challenging, though, so join us on the high seas as we take you through the Shores of Gold campaign. First stop, our Sea of Thieves Shroudbreaker walkthrough.

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Shroudbreaker – Sea of Thieves Walkthrough

You begin the Shroudbreaker quest in a tavern. It doesn’t matter which one, so just make your way to the closest boozer and let’s get cracking. In the tavern, you’ll see a book perched on a barrel next to the Mysterious Stranger. Activate the quest by using the book. The Mysterious Stranger will give you some foreboding words and send you on your way.

Uncharted Island Location Shroudbreaker

Find the Magpie’s Wing Ship’s Log – Shroudbreaker Walkthrough

Check your mission wheel (where you’d normally find treasure maps and such). You’ll now find a book in your inventory. Read through it and learn the fate of The Magpie’s Wing: the ship of a pirate lord. The book reveals The Magpie’s Wing’s Ship Log contained the location of an ancient chest, but the ship sank somewhere between Crook’s Hollow and Crooked Masts. That’s our first stop! Head to your ship’s map and place a waypoint at roughly halfway between those two islands (map grid N-13). Now, set sail and make for the waypoint.

As you approach, you’ll see a small uncharted island. Dive overboard and you’ll find the wreckage of a sunken galleon. Inside what used to be the Captain’s Quarters and you’ll find the Magpie’s Wing Ship’s Log. This will add some pages to your book detailing the ship’s voyages through The Ancient Isles.

Underwater Ancient Chest Shroudbreaker

Finding the Island and Totem – Shroudbreaker Walkthrough

This next section is different each time you play, so you have to follow the instructions in the book. They will describe a starting point and give vague details about where the crew sailed from there. For example, mine said to start at Thieves’ Haven and head northeast past some shallow isles. After following a winding route (again, detailed in the book) the crew eventually threw the Ancient Chest overboard. I ultimately found it near Cutlass Cay. Make sure to watch out for small details and red herrings like this!

Once you follow all the clues, jump overboard into the shallows and find the sunken chest that the log refers to. It can be difficult to spot, but keep an eye out for glinting light on the sea floor. Inside the chest you’ll find more pages for the book and a totem. The first new page in the book shows a series of unlabeled islands. The middle island contains a secret vault which holds the Shroudbreaker, but you’ll need to compare the book to your ship’s map to line it up… or we could just tell you. Where you need to go depends on which totem you have. There is also a clue on the map page that tells you where the secret entrance on the island is. Use the list below to find your vault.

Shroudbreaker Walkthrough Sea of Thieves Sailing

Shroudbreaker Locations – Sea of Thieves Walkthrough

Scarab Totem = Crook’s Hollow – Under the waterfall on the east of the island.

Moon Totem = Crescent Isle – Underground cave to the north (enter from center of island).

Boar Totem = Devil’s Ridge – South east beach, near painting of boar’s head on a rock.

Snake Totem = Mermaid’s Hideaway – Near archway on north west of the island.

Shark Totem = Kraken’s Fall – Northern side of the island, under a large archway.

Crab Totem = The uncharted isle where you found the ship’s log (map grid N-13) – Underwater tunnel off the west side of the island.

Sea of Thieves Shroudbreaker Walkthrough Totem

At each of these locations is a fairly nondescript spot where you will be prompted to place your totem. These are also difficult to find (and describe), so look at the image above for a general idea. If you’re still having trouble, just look around with your totem in hand. You’ll find it quickly enough! Place the totem to open a secret door nearby.

The Pillar Puzzle – Shroudbreaker Walkthrough

Enter the doorway. At that point, you’ll see an altar before you covered in four unlit braziers. There are also four rotating pillars against the back wall. Once you light the braziers, the door will shut and water will start to fill the chamber. The four nearby pillars will also light up with symbols. You can rotate these pillars to change the symbol. Quickly check your ship’s log and on the final page, where you’ll see three rows of four symbols. Match the pillar symbols up to the first row and then hit the button on the altar.

Repeat this process for the next two rows. When you finish the final row, the door should unlock. More importantly, a ghostly image will appear on the altar.

Sea of Thieves Shroudbreaker Walkthrough Image Puzzle

The Image Puzzle – Shroudbreaker Walkthrough

Check out the ghostly image in the altar. This shows a location on the island for you to uncover a Vault Medallion — marked by a glowing circle. Look for the landmarks in the picture to find where you need to dig. Unfortunately, skeletons will spawn when you find each medallion. Just be ready to fight! Return to the vault to place the medallion into the altar and the next image will appear. Repeat this process twice more.

When all three medallions are set in the altar, a panel in the wall will open to reveal the Shroudbreaker. Congratulations… Now run! Skeletons will start spawning in huge numbers. They won’t stop, either, so grab the Shroudbreaker and get back to the ship. Take your prize back to the Mysterious Stranger at the closest tavern to complete the mission.

And there you have it! That’s our walkthrough of the Shroudbreaker Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves. You’re now well on your way to finding the mythical Shores of Gold.  


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