Sea of Thieves Guide – How to Get Every Color Lantern Flames

There are a lot of mysteries in the treacherous world of Sea of Thieves. From epic quests that send you all across the map to terrifying monsters lurking beneath the deep, developer Rare has hidden quite a few mechanics. One of these is the different colors you can turn your lantern. Tied to the Fort of the Damned raid in the middle of the map, players can collect six different lantern colors to begin this endgame activity. However, it will take a bit of work to collect the pink, red, blue, white, green, and purple flames.

Here’s what you need to do if you want to change your lantern’s colors.

How to Get Different Color Lantern Flames

Each of the different colored flames are tied to a way that you can die in Sea of Thieves. If you meet the requirements upon your death, you can approach the lantern on the Ferry of the Damned and take the colored flame. While you can only hold one flame at a time, you can change the color of your personal ship’s lanterns. This is accomplished by going onto your ship once you have a different colored flame, approaching a lantern, and holding up your own. You should see a prompt to take or set the flame of that lantern on the ship. Select “Set” to alter the color of your ship’s lanterns, giving your ship some extra style!

There are six colors you can acquire and each requires you to die a certain way. Here’s what you need to do to gain each flame color:

  • Red – Killed by fire or volcano eruption
  • Blue – Killed by a shark
  • Green – Killed by any type of skeleton
  • White – Killed by lightning
  • Purple – Killed by snake poison
  • Pink – Killed by another player

Remember, you have to grab the flame from the lantern in the Ferry of the Damned. Dying will always reset the color of your lantern, so if you want to gather multiple ones you’ll need to store the colors via your ship’s lanterns. Despite these colors being mostly cosmetic, you do need all six to start and complete the Fort of the Dammed raid. Starting this raid requires you to obtain all six flame colors and a Ritual Skull, which is placed on a decapitated skeleton in a cage. Since this raid is quite tough, I suggest bringing a few friends as they can help defeat the different skeletons or ward of enemy players looking to steal your loot!

More Sea of Thieves:

The best way to ignite all six flames is to store them on your ship. There are a ton of lanterns in the Galleon, so you can easily keep all of the colors safely contained in the hull. Just remember, if the ship sinks, you will need to start all over again! Because of this, we recommend playing passively and trying to not engage in risky fights before you start a Fort of the Damned.


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