Sea of Thieves Ashen Winds Guide – How to Get the Ashen Winds Sails

A new update for Sea of Thieves is live and it’s all about new fiery skeleton lords looking to roast your poor pirate. Part of the Ashen Winds DLC, these four fearsome foes will now randomly spawn around the map as a world event. Similar to previous updates, players can unlock special gear tied to the Ashen Winds by completing Commendations. This includes new titles, the Ashen Winds tattoo sets, and the absolutely awesome Sails of the Ashen Winds. The latter is definitely the item to chase, especially if you’re a fan of using the Ashen cosmetic set on your ship or pirate. Keep in mind, getting these sails will take a bit of grinding and it’s unknown if these are only available for the duration of Ashen Winds. Because of this, I strongly recommend that you focus on slaying the new skeleton lords

How to Unlock the Ashen Winds Sails

To unlock the Sails of the Ashen Winds, you will need to complete the Hunter of the Ashen Winds Commendation. This Commendation requires you to sell 25 Ashen Winds Skulls, which means if you’re an honest pirate you’ll need to kill 25 of the new fiery pirate lords. Unlike the ghost ships, you cannot force one of these enemies to spawn via purchasing a quest from Duke or the Order of Souls. It’s a random world event, which means you’ll most likely run into a lot of other players hunting for these pirate lords. Once you complete the Commendation, go visit Duke in any tavern to purchase them.

Alternatively, you can always steal a pirate crew’s Ashen Winds Skull and sell it for yourself. You only make progress when you sell the skull not when you defeat the skeleton lord. Because of this, ambushing players doing the event is more than a viable strategy if you’re confident in your PVP skills. Though given this game’s robust PVE community, you almost certainly can find a ship or two to ally with.

You can find this world event by sailing towards the massive, bright red column of energy that randomly erupts from one of the game’s islands. Similar to other world events, it won’t directly appear on your map so make sure to keep an eye out for this column of fire! Once you see the red vortex, sail towards it, and approach the creepy alter. One of four random Ashen Winds skeleton lords will spawn and attack your crew.

These are tough foes, capable of unleashing a variety of new attacks such as launching a massive, blinding ash cloud or hurling fire at you. Once they are severely weakened, they will unleash their final attack called the Roar of the Devil. This moves reigns down burning meteors around them, just like when a volcano erupts. Be very careful, as this move does a ton of damage. However, if you can overcome this challenge you will get a lot of Ashen loot, along with the Ashen Winds Skull.

This skull can be used as either a flamethrower to torch enemies or can be sold for a base 3,500 Gold. If you do decide to use it as a weapon, the price will diminish the more you use this fiery weapon. For those having trouble locating an Ashen Winds event, consider leaving and joining servers until you see the massive tornado in the air. Just make sure you bring some


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