Scrap Mechanic Survival Multiplayer Guide – How to Play Online

Scrap Mechanic is one of the most complex survival games to hit the market, largely thanks to its focus on engineering and creating intricate devices. While the basics of surviving boils down to grow crops and beat robots, this is easier said than done. Sometimes you need a friend or three to help you take down the mechanical menaces plaguing these peaceful lands. Unfortunately, Scrap Mechanic’s multiplayer is not perfect, but we suspect this is because the game’s Survival mode is rather new.

How to Invite Friends

To play with your friends, load up your world of choice in Scrap Mechanic and then his Shift + Tab to bring up the Steam menu. Click on View All Friends and then right-click on the person’s name who you want to invite. Doing so will bring up another menu where you can select invite under the Scrap Mechanic sub-heading. They will then be able to join your world and begin crafting with you. At the time of writing this there is no in-game method of inviting people, so you will need to go through Steam.

Additionally, Scrap Mechanic currently doesn’t let you just join a random stranger’s game. You can only play with those you are friends with on Steam. After you invite them, they will drop into your world with just a hammer and a jack lift. It’s up to you to supply them with gear and items if they need it. Once they’re in your world, they can freely build, defend, and interact with any part of the game. If your friend has to leave, they will vanish from the world with whatever’s left in their inventory. Fear not, because your friend will retain whatever was in their inventory when they logged off.

More Scrap Mechanic

So If I have 200 blocks of wood when I leave a buddies game, the next time I join I will have those 200 blocks of wood still in my inventory. Because of this, you might want to consider building a chest via the Advanced Crafting Robot found at the gas station. This is a good place to store any items your friends may need before you log off. Another word of warning, unless you made the world yourself, you cannot access it without the creator being in that game.

Keep that in mind if you want to create a dedicated group to go through Scrap Mechanic, as you will always need the world creator to host the game. Otherwise, you will be relegated to your own worlds and the progress made will not carry over. Yet, playing with others makes Scrap Mechanic way more fun and a little simpler since you can divide up tasks. Just make sure to grow enough food so everyone doesn’t starve.


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