Resident Evil Village Miranda Boss Guide – How to Beat Mother Miranda

The next horrifying installment of the Resident Evil series has finally arrived. Continuing the story of Ethan Winters following the events of Resident Evil 7Resident Evil Village sees our titular hero venture into a mysterious eastern European town to save his kidnapped baby. Throughout your journey, Ethan will encounter all sorts of horrific monsters, eccentric characters, puzzles, and familiar faces. Pulling inspiration from previous entries, Resident Evil Village mixes both horror and action. After all the horrors you’ve faced, there is one last person standing between Ethan and his daughter Rose. Mother Miranda, the mysterious leader of the four lords, is a multi-stage fight that will test your ability to swiftly adapt to her various abilities.

How to Defeat Mother Miranda

Resident Evil Village Mother Miranda Boss

Phase One – “Normal” Miranda

When the fight begins, Miranda will sprout six wings and massive claws. She has two main attacks during this phase, both of which deal a decent amount of damage. The first has her lunging forward to try and stab Ethan with her claws. Miranda can cover about half the arena with this attack, so you’ll want to stick to the outer edges and keep moving. The shotgun is your best friend during this phase since hit and run tactics work best against Miranda. Whenever she attacks and misses, quickly turn, shoot her once or twice, and then resume running. Her other attack is a simple series of slashes, which can also be avoided by just sprinting.

Eventually, she will vanish into the ground and sprout two massive pillars of mold in the middle of the area. Run to the side of either one so you’re positioned between the mold and the arena’s outer wall. Miranda will some a glowing ball of energy that launches a ranged attack that is only blocked by those two pillars. Once this concludes, wait for her to reappear and continue shooting her until she transforms.

Resident Evil Village Mother Miranda Boss

Phase Two – Spider Miranda

After enough damage is dealt, Miranda’s wings will strike the ground and turn into legs. During this phase, her speed is drastically increased and she will become far more aggressive. Her two primary attacks involve her lunging at Ethan from various distances and trying to land on him. She also has a slam attack if you get too close, which can briefly stun Ethan. Instead of a shotgun, I suggest using either a pistol, grenade launcher, or magnum for this portion. While you can use a shotgun, the fast nature of her attacks makes it difficult to deal a lot of damage to her. Sniper rifles are also tricky since she moves a lot, making landing a headshot quite tricky. Instead, just focus on avoiding her lunge attacks by either running towards her when she jumps or quickly going in a different direction when you see her launch into the air.

Resident Evil Village Mother Miranda Boss

Phase Three – Bird Miranda

Her third phase is the easiest of the three. For this, you’ll want to use your regular pistol and sniper rifle. Miranda has two attacks, one of which leaves her wide open for an easy headshot. Once she takes to the air, she’ll begin flying around until she summons three mold balls above her. These can be destroyed with a single pistol bullet, so quickly blow them up before she launches them at you. After destroying them, you will have a couple of seconds to damage Miranda before she begins moving around the arena again.

The second attack is just a dive bomb, which can be easily avoided by moving to either side of where you’re standing when she initiates the attack. After this, Miranda will fly back up and typically begin summoning the mold projectiles again. You can then repeat the process of destroying them and then damaging Miranda before she initiates her next attack. So long as your diligent about blowing up the projectiles and dodging her charge you should have no issue with this portion.

Resident Evil Village Mother Miranda Boss

Phase Four – Darkness

This is a very short phase, but it can be the deadliest. After taking enough damage she will plunge the entire arena into darkness. Miranda will vanish and begin stalking Ethan around the room. Keep to the edges of the arena and keeping running around until she shoes herself. When this happens, use your shotgun to blast her since the boss will be, most likely, at point-blank range. If you hit her a couple of times she will be knocked free of this mode and the room will be lit up once again.

Resident Evil Village Mother Miranda Boss

Phase Five – The Kitchen Sink

The final stage of this boss fight has Miranda cycling through all of the phases above. This can be a bit overwhelming since she will quickly transform and between modes. Because of this, I only recommend fighting her during her normal and bird forms. The spider one can be a bit tricky to try and trade damage with, so only attack her when you’re confident that you won’t be hit. Miranda will also occasionally plunge the room into darkness again, but nothing changes from the fourth phase. Just keep moving until she shows herself and blast the witch with a shotgun.

Once you’ve hurt her enough, Miranda will pin Ethan to the ground and summon a massive ball of glowing mold. Shoot this as fast as you can to make it explode on top of her. This will knock Miranda close, but do not stop firing. Only stop shooting her when you lose control of Ethan and a cutscene plays. Congratulations, you have beaten Resident Evil Village!


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  1. This post made me realize I skipped an entire step in the fight:

    I never dealt with the darkness portion. If a flash round is used right as the room goes dark (waited until her dark god line), Mirand will proceed to the next phase immediately and the room will return to normal

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