Resident Evil 2 G Guide: How to Beat the Second Boss Fight – G (Phase 2)

Guess who’s back! G is back. That’s right, there was a reason our previous Resident Evil 2 boss guide was called the first boss fight. You fight this hulking monstrosity several times over the course of the game. This guide will cover how to defeat G (Phase 2), also known as Birkin, in the Sewers.

After you complete the Chess Plug puzzle, and move to rescue either Ada or Sherry, you’ll find yourself trapped in the Main Power Room. G will start stabbing at you through the ceiling. Just keep moving during this segment and you should avoid his strikes. Eventually he’ll get tired of pawing at you and will rip the door down for a proper fight. But we’re not going to give him one (not yet anyway), so run past him and out the door he just smashed open.

Resident Evil 2 G Second Boss Fight

How to Beat the Birkin Boss Fight Phase Two

Run down the corridor and along the catwalk until you can drop down onto a platform. Quickly run around the shipping container and hit the nearby switch. This will cause a crane arm to activate, swinging the shipping container to the other side of the massive room you’re in. Your job now is to lure G into the path of the container and reactivate the crane, clobbering him with it.

You can achieve this in one of two ways. You can just shoot him enough that he drops to a knee or try to bait him into the path of the crane — then move away at the last second. The latter of the two options is far more dangerous, however. The crane will kill you instantly if it hits you!

Resident Evil 2 G Second Boss Fight

G is also a massive threat to your life and limb, so keep your distance and try to outmaneuver his attacks. If you circle strafe and keep the camera focused on him, you should be able to anticipate and dodge his swings. He also has a grab attack. That’s especially deadly if he snares you while the crane is swinging back your way. Keep a secondary weapon like a Combat Knife on-hand to escape from the grab unharmed.

If you decide to go with the offensive option, shoot Birkin with heavy ordinance and aim for the massive eyeball lodged in his shoulder — similar to the previous fight. Eventually he’ll drop, giving you time to safely activate the crane and smack him around the face with a shipping container.

Resident Evil 2 G Second Boss Fight

The number of express deliveries to the face G can take depends on the difficulty, so it’s just a matter of rinsing and repeating. Eventually, the impact will be too much for G and the boss will fall off the edge of the platform.

If you’re some kind of boring human who doesn’t like hitting monsters with construction equipment, you can also defeat G (Phase Two) through mostly conventional means (i.e. shooting him a lot). You still need to use the crane once to knock him off the edge after weakening him, though. Completing the fight this way will also net you the “Gotcha!” Achievement/Trophy.

Resident Evil 2 G Second Boss Fight

And there we have it! It’s 2 – 0 for the living. We’ve got one more G boss fight in Resident Evil 2 coming up, but for now you can breathe a sigh of relief. Dust yourself off, hop on the tram, and prepare yourself for the horrors of the Umbrella Laboratory…


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