PUBG Mobile Season 11 Week 2 Challenges – Tips and Tricks

You start with the Greet and Clap emotes, people!

The start of a new PUBG Mobile season means two weeks of missions right off the bat. The EZ Mission License allows veteran PUBG Mobile players to rush ahead of the rest, but we all end up at the same point by the end.

As explained in our Week 1 guide, PUBG Mobile Season 11 brings with it what we’re calling “Choice Missions” — a single mission you can complete in one of three different ways. You need to opt-into whichever you want to complete, but we have tips for them all. Choice missions are the ones in the numbered lists. Now let’s get on with the PUBG Mobile Season 11 Week 2 mission guide.

PUBG Mobile greet emote

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Royale Week 2 Royale Pass Missions

Finish in the Top 3 with friends 2 times in Classic mode

This one makes sense when its unlocked through the EZ Mission License but sounds like it’s asking for a bit much as a mission for the masses.

Finishing in the top 3 as a team isn’t easy. The best we can suggest is playing it very safe at the start of a match. Stick together, get lots of ammo, and stock up on healing supplies. Then, as the herd thins, join the fight slowly from a flank. Stick to the high ground, listen, and don’t be impatient.

Choice Mission

  1. Use the Clap or Greet emote in Pochinki (Erangel) in Classic mode
    • Pochinki is one of the better looking high-tier loot locations. Drop here if you’re looking for a quick fight. You get these emotes automatically when you make your account.
  2. Use the Clap or Greet emote in Sosnovka Military Base (Erangel) in Classic Mode
    • The military base is one of the most popular loot locations in all of Erangel. It’s huge, too. Drop here if you’re a high-level player looking to join a localized war right from the start. You get these emotes automatically when you make your account.
  3. Use the Clap or Greet emote in School (Erangel) in Classic mode
    • School is a semi-popular landing option. You shouldn’t face too much opposition here, but the border between School and another area of the map can get blurred pretty easily.

Kill 3 enemies while driving a vehicle in Classic mode

It’s a bit too easy for targets to side-step out of a vehicle’s path when they see it coming. If you’re not good at anticipating your target’s movements or tricking them into practically jumping under your wheel, it’s best to drive at fleeing or otherwise occupied targets instead.

The directional sound in PUBG Mobile is so bad it’s difficult to tell whether a car is coming right at you, behind you, or just revving its engine 3 miles away. Use that to your advantage for a change.

Revive teammates 5 times in Classic mode

You’ll obviously have to squad up for this one, but it’s easier if you team up with actual friends who’ll say with the team. Reviving teammates requires either a lot of cover and corners (like a house) or a smoke grenade if out in the open. Rushing in to revive a teammate the moment they get downed will get you both killed. Be patient. Get some cover fire going out and don’t push your luck.

Kill 8 enemies with Shotguns in Erangel in Classic mode

Shotguns excel as close-range weapons. Their spread can cover a room with very powerful pellets, making them good for defending houses and other small buildings. Semi-auto shotguns can help those with questionable aim, but pros will typically turn to pump-action options for the raw damage. Just whip one of these out whenever you’re in a small room or corridor, and you should have the upper hand.

Complete 15 matches in Arena 

These days “Arena” means Arena Training, Domination, Team Deathmatch or Assault — with those last two being the same apart from the map choice. You don’t need to win any of these, so just drop into 15 matches throughout the season and have fun. They’re nice breaks from the lengthy Battle Royale/Classic grind.

PUBG Mobile sniper

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Royale Week 2 Elite Royale Pass Missions

Pick up Smoke Grenade over 20 matches in Classic mode

Smoke Grenades are everywhere and serve a very useful purpose as decoys in hectic or tense situations. They can help you initiate a close-range fight, flank an unsuspecting foe, or escae from combat altogether.

It isn’t clear whether you’ll have to pick up one in 20 different matches or whether multiple in one match stack, but you should be picking them up anyway. This mission, like last week’s Gold, is teaching you to be a better player.

Choice Mission

  1. Deal a total of 3600 damage in Classic mode
    • Almost chopping the damage requirement of the next mission in half, it will probably still take longer unless you’re an absolute animal in places like Military Base.
  2. Deal 7500 damage in Arena 
    • As mentioned above, Arena is the collective term used for a bunch of different modes. The quickest way through this one is probably Assault or Team Deathmatch.
  3. Bring back 6 dead teammates in Payload
    • Payload mode allows players to bring dead allies back into the fight. This means collecting their goods and rushing over to a beacon before it’s too late.

Kill an enemy from 200 meters away 1 time in Classic mode

This is any marksman’s dream challenge. 200m equates to two square of the map — or roughly the distance across most smaller settlements. Grab your favorite sniper rifle and perch yourself on a roof on the edge of a town. If you think you can pick someone off on the opposite side, you’ll clear this one with a bit of patience. The top of Quarry is sometimes a good option.

Travel for a total of 20,000 meters while driving a vehicle in Classic mode

It looks like they’ve upped the old 10,000 meter challenge. You don’t have to complete this all in one go, but if you like the idea of driving around the perimeter of somewhere like Sanhok twice in one match, you do you.


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