PUBG Mobile Arcade: What’s The Difference Between Mini Zone and Quick Match?

A little more (and less) than you might think

If you’ve ever loaded up the PUBG Mobile TPP Arcade tab and thought to yourself “what’s the difference between Mini Zone and Quick Match”, you’re certainly not alone. We’ve all been there. But we’ve come back from each to explain the differences in full.

Upon first launch, PUBG was a bit of a one-trick pony. Pioneering the Battle Royale genre, the game had nothing more to offer. And why would it? That singular mode is what put it on the map, and the team was too busy trying to wrestle with its own sudden success to add something new.

Pull back to the present day, and there’s no shortage of gimmicky and downright time-saving modes populating the game. But navigating through them can difficult. PUBG Mobile only provides minor tooltips when it comes to describing game modes, and those can lead to confusion.

What’s the Difference Between Mini Zone and Quick Match in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile Arcade modes exist to give you a sliver of the PUBG Mobile experience in a fraction of the time. But when both Mini-Zone and Quick Match are found in the same section, they start to sound a lot alike. If they’re both just quicker versions of the classic Battle Royale formula, then aren’t they the same thing? Though they both take place on the Erangel map, they feel very different once you hit the ground.

Mini Zone

PUBG Mobile Mini Zone

If you’re looking for the most in-tact version of Battle Royale – only played at a faster pace – Mini-Zone is probably what you’re looking for. PUBG Mobile Mini-Zone is same 100-player Battle Royale formula you’ve come to love, only the ring is much tighter from the get-go. This means the circle has already enveloped a good amount of the map as you’ll see in the above screenshot.

All 100 players thus drop into a much more confined area of the map than they usually would, creating something akin to a full-blown war rather than your typical early skirmish. Given most players have usually been eliminated by the time the ring gets this small, the risk of walking into a gunfight is astronomically higher here.


Don’t think of this as a different mode to your typical Battle Royale. Just think of it as one with a less of a slow start by comparison. Where you’d typically avoid gunfire for 10-15 minutes in a cautious round of Classic, you’ll get to the good stuff much faster here. Focus on gearing up fast and just be mindful of the circle. It closes in much faster than usual and doesn’t give you much chance to escape.

Quick Match

PUBG Mobile Quick Match

As for Quick Play, this is the true Arcade take on Battle Royale. Almost like a custom game in another shooter, Quick Play messes with the rules slightly to create a miniaturized Battle Royale brawl. Regular strategies won’t work here as weapon spawn rules are randomized with each run.

You might drop in to fight those very same assault rifles you frequent in a normal match, just to only find handguns in the next. Quick Match keeps things fun by allowing only 28 players into the fray, meaning you’ll still be able to sneak around and scavenge things first before all hell breaks loose. Like we said – it’s Battle Royale: only smaller.


As explained above, you should take the first minute of the match to pick up any weapon you can get your hands on. Once you know which types of weapons are around, you’ll know which you won’t need to account for in your strategies. If rifles are around, getting picked off from a distance is a distinct possibility. If only handguns, SMGs, or Shotguns are found, you’re looking at indoor warfare for the most part, meaning strafing between buildings shouldn’t be too risky.

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