Project Zomboid Siphon Guide – How to Siphon Gas & Find Empty Cans

Fuel me in.

You will only get so far on foot in Project Zomboid, but thankfully, cars are still more or less available. Some might need repairs, and it can be a pain to access them without the keys unless your character can hotwire vehicles. But the biggest obstacle comes down to fuel, especially if you’re nowhere near a gas station. This guide explains how to siphon gas in Project Zomboid to make your getaways easier, as well as where to find gas cans.

Where to Find Gas Cans in Project Zomboid

First things first: in order to siphon gas, you’re going to need empty gas cans. Thankfully, gas cans aren’t as scarce as fuel, and there are a couple spots that will almost always have at least one.

Whenever you happen to be in a suburban area, or if your character spawns inside a house, make sure to check for any surrounding houses with either a garage or a tool shed on their front or backyards. There is no guarantee of finding an empty gas can, but these spots are by far the ones with the higher chance (aside from actual gas stations.)

Project Zomboid Siphon Fuel 1

Getting inside garages or tool sheds doesn’t require any specific tools, which is great, but it’s not always easy. We recommend to double check if the doors are open first and foremost. If not, plan B is either to break the window if it has one (which comes with the risk of making noise and hurting yourself with glass if you’re not carrying bandages to treat the injury afterwards) or look for the key.

As you’re roaming around the house don’t forget to keep an eye on the loot panel on the right upper corner of the screen. If the key is on the floor, you’ll spot it in the panel. If you scavenge the house, make sure to search for the key (and any zombies hidden inside) while doing so.

Project Zomboid Siphon Fuel 2
Reader, I did not notice there was a zombie behind me until it was too late.

In addition, it’s likely that any zombies in the vicinity lived in the house beforehand. Always loot their pockets after you’ve poked them with a pen to death to see if they were carrying the key. In the worst case scenario, there is always another house around the corner, so don’t spend too much time on just one.

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If you were able to enter, head to the nearest box or shelf inside and check the loot panel. If you’re lucky, there will be at least one empty gas can up for grabs. If you’re curious, they weigh around 1,6 kg. each (empty) which isn’t too bad.

How to Siphon Gas – Project Zomboid

Did you manage to grab an empty gas can? Cool! Now comes the hard part. Fuel doesn’t grow on trees nor can it be crafted, and most of the cars you encounter are empty. Luckily, you can verify whether or not they have gas quickly.

To siphon gas in Project Zomboid, approach a vehicle and press V to open the radial menu. If the vehicle has gas, you’ll automatically see the option to siphon gasoline. Which means that if the option isn’t available on the radial menu, you should look elsewhere.

Project Zomboid Siphon Fuel 3

If there is gas, then great — go ahead and click the Siphon Gasoline action on the radial menu. The action will take a couple seconds, so be careful of any nearby zombies.

That’s all you need to know to siphon gas in Project Zomboid! Keep in mind that you can also use fuel to power generators, which comes in handy if you’re busy with Electrical leveling. And remember, if you’re having trouble finding the keys for any vehicles, you can always hotwire cars with the right character.