Pokemon GO Flygon Community Day Guide – Shiny Trapinch & More

It's a great time to farm EXP

Flygon swoops in to send Summer off in a sandstorm during the October Pokemon GO community day. Just like last October brought in the pseudo-legendary Metagross from the Ruby & Sapphire Gen 3 Pokemon, this October finishes things off with Flygon. Salamence came and went earlier in the year, and while Flygon doesn’t really stack up with other two deeper in the Hoenn Pokedex, it can still pack a punch in the right situation.

Pokemon GO Trapinch Community Day Date & Times

Pokemon GO October 2019 Community Day is scheduled for Oct. 12, 2019. Remember community day times switched back from being later in the day to mid-morning/early-afternoon activities. That means your three-hour community day window is 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.  — wherever you are in the world.

As usual, evolving a Trapinch into Vibrava and Flygon up to one hour after the community day window will net you its new Community Day move. You should have plenty of time to search for your best catches after the increased spawns have subsided!

Pokemon GO Trapinch Community Day bonuses

Flygon Stats and Competitive Viability – Pokemon GO Guide

Flygon isn’t the strongest Pokemon you’ll come across in Pokemon GO. There’s a reason you don’t see it used very often in raids, after all. It’s far from a terrible choice, but the prevalence of Salamence and Dragonite after their own community days has made stronger Dragon-type Pokemon easier to pick up.

Where Flygon wins out against some other Dragon-type Pokemon, however, is its somewhat unique typing. Only matched by the far rarer Garchomp, Flygon combines both Dragon and Ground. That gives it access to two distinct movesets to adapt to different situations.

Dragon Tail and Dragon Claw help Flygon counter other Dragon-type Pokemon. They even offer solid DPS as a generalist thanks to same-type attack bonus (STAB) and the type’s low resistances.

Mud Shot and Earthquake, on the other hand, make Flygon a solid option against Fire-type and Electic-type Pokemon. Think along the lines of Entei and Raikou — maybe even Reshiram and Zekrom, once they hit the raid pool. It doesn’t even stop there. There’s even the potential for 4x super-effective damage against Heatran. Although Flygon lacks the Levitate ability. So it’s susceptible to Heatran Ground-type moves.

Unlike the main Pokemon games, where Stone Edge was a popular choice, it’s not one of the best movesets for Flygon in Pokemon GO.

When it comes to PVP, Flygon has its place in both Great and Ultra League battles. Its rapid attacks make it a prime shield baiter, but its lacking defensive stats won’t allow it a long life. Any of its three charged attacks are viable depending on the target. Its fast attacks from Mud Shot especially generate an abundance of energy.

Exclusive Move – Pokemon GO Flygon

As of the time of writing, it isn’t yet known what the Flygon community day exclusive move will be. Unlike the starter Pokemon, and creatures like Metagross, Flygon has never had an exclusive move in the mainline Pokemon series. And so this one is uniquely difficult to predict.

Salamence got Outrage during its own Community Day — something many other Dragon-type Pokemon have access too. Given Flygon can’t even learn this in the mainline games, period, it might paint a different picture for the Mystic Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Turtwig Community Day Strategy

Just like how Turtwig community day didn’t offer much for veteran players, neither does the October 2019 Community Day with Flygon. It’s more of a catch-up event for lapsed Pokemon GO players (besides the obvious shiny introduction).

Even with a new move, Flygon will struggle to do what better Pokemon do already. If you’re rocking Dragonite, Groudon, or Salamence in your team, Flygon is little more than filler. For those who don’t, however, Flygon Community Day is a great opportunity to get team of decent Dragon-type Pokemon ready to tackle some unique targets.

And if you’re not level 40 yet, Flygon Community Day does offer 3x EXP. Dust off those Jump-Start Lucky Eggs and catch up a storm! Community Day research from PokeStops is always catch three “X” — with X being the Community Day Pokemon. This makes it easy to recoup the PokeBalls you use throughout the day.

Paired with the availability of the exclusive move an hour after the event ends, you can focus on catching anything and everything you see for a sweet EXP boost. With a decent curveball throw, and a capture on the first toss, it’s possible to get just around 1.2K exp per catch with a Lucky Egg in effect. Three hours of catches can really help that amount stack up.

We can’t include the exclusive Flygon move until it’s revealed, but you should try to get a Flygon or three with other movesets, too. If you’re hoping to make a team out of Community Day Flygon catches, here’s the suggested amount to gather up right now:

  • 2x Dragon Tail w/ Dragon Claw
  • 3x Mud Shot w/ Earthquake

Trapinch Max CP – Pokemon GO Guide

One of the ways to know if you’ve found a perfect IV Trapinch (which evolves into Flygon) is to check its encounter CP. The max CP values relate to the different encounter levels players can find, based on their own level. Be sure to account for boosted CP values if the weather is Windy, Clear, or Sunny!

  • Level 15 = 546 CP
  • Level 20 = 728 CP
  • Level 25 (weather boost) = 910 CP
  • Level 30 = 1092 CP
  • Level 30 (weather boost) = 1183 CP

Pokemon GO Shiny Trapinch Flygon

Community Day Shiny Rates – Shiny Flygon Pokemon GO

Fan organizations like Silph Road have reliably deduced that Pokemon GO Community Day shiny rates are around 1/24. That means each encounter with the community day-specific Pokemon has a four percent chance of being shiny. That’s considerably higher than the 1/450 chance you’d have outside of a Community Day bonus.

You’re going to want to evolve at least one shiny Trapinch into shiny Flygon for the sake of collectibility. However, we don’t suggest doing more than that. It costs a whopping 100 candy to evolve Trapinch into Flygon. Given its numerous usable movesets, you’re better off evolving whichever Trapinch you find with the best stats, rather than aiming specifically for shiny Pokemon.


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