Pokemon GO Flower Crown Eevee Guide – Can Flower Crown Eevee Evolve?

The cutest Pokemon just got cuter.

Flower Crown Eevee is your Pokemon GO Research Breakthrough reward from Sept. 1 to Nov. 1, 2019. In this Pokemon GO Eevee guide, we’re going to detail how to make the most of your very own Flower Crown Eevee! If you’re looking to fill in a few empty spots on your raid teams, it makes sense to plan out what to do with each of these little furry creatures. We’ll talk how to evolve them, why you want to, and why you might want to keep hold of a few Eevee for future evolutionary lines in Pokemon Go. Now let’s get cracking.

Flower Crown Eeveelutions
Credit: JohnIcey / GamePress

How To Get Flower Crown Eevee – Pokemon Go Guide

As explained above, Flower Crown Eevee is the current Pokemon GO weekly research breakthrough reward. It isn’t any different from your standard Eevee stat-wise, but the adorable Flower Crown Eevee gets a +1 in the looks department. That’s our two cents.

To get your very own Flower Crown Eevee, all you need to do is complete one research task a day for seven days. Unlike PokeStop and Capture streaks, the research breakthrough won’t reset if you miss a day; so don’t worry if you’re short on time. You can do this as often as you are able.

There’s potential for shiny Flower Crown Eevee, too. The chance for this is likely set at 1/450 — like any other non-legendary Pokemon. In other words, don’t hold your breath for a shiny Flower Crown Eevee, but it is a possibility.

Can Flower Crown Eevee Evolve? – Pokemon Go Guide

Of course it can! Evolving Flower Crown Eevee will result in an Eeveelution with the Flower Crown, making Pokemon GO Flower Crown Eevee evolutions a very real possibility.

Standard evolution rules apply here just like any other Eevee. The one exception is that any Eeveelution coming from a Flower Crown Eevee will keep those adorable flowers on their head. Once again: big fans over here.

Pokemon GO Eevee Evolutions & Raid Counters

Eevee is an incredibly versatile Pokemon. That’s always been true! The main series Pokemon titles have always taught trainers to balance out their teams with lots of different types, and Eevee alone is capable of fulfilling this rule within its own evolution (or “Eeveelution”) tree.

In Pokemon GO, things are a little different. That being said, Eevee, once evolved, can nearly always become a viable counter for a raid boss or a decent gym defender. That makes it a wonderful option for newcomers building raid teams or for veterans looking to fill a backup spot.

Jolteon Pokemon GO

Jolteon – Pokemon Go Flower Crown Eevee Guide

Considered one of the most viable PVE attackers in the whole Eeveelution line, Jolteon hits hard and fast. But like the rest of the Eevee line, it’s always outclassed by something. Even so, the relative lack of raw Electric-type attackers means it’s only regularly trumped by Raikou and Zapdos — two legendary Pokemon you’re far less likely to run into than a simple Eevee.

Jolteon Counters:

Jolteon’s powerful Electric-type attacks and access to STAB make it a great option against Flying and Water-type Pokemon. Gyarados falls fast due to dual typing, and event legendary birds like Ho-Oh, Moltres, and Articuno will cower against the might of Jolteon.

Best Moveset for Jolteon – Pokemon GO

  • Thunder Shock + Thunderbolt

You can settle on Discharge for attacking in place of Thunderbolt and Volt Switch for defending if you don’t want to use a TM, but Thunderbolt is the stronger charge move with a shorter animation. In PvP you actually want Discharge or Thunder. You’re just trying to bait shield, basically.

How To Evolve into Jolteon – Pokemon GO

Without a specific Lure in effect, Eevee has a 20 percent chance of evolving into Jolteon. You can also rename your Eevee to Sparky once to guarantee it becoming Jolteon when it evolves. This is a useful trick and can be used with many different Eevee evolution names.

Vaporeon Pokemon Go

Vaporeon – Pokemon Go Flower Crown Eevee Guide

Vaporeon was something of a holy grail in vanilla Pokemon GO. Gen 1 wasn’t massive, and Vaporeon’s insane bulk paired with a general lack of easily obtained Electric- and Grass-type attackers made it the king of gym defense. It’s a great choice even now, but it won’t be the difference-maker in many raids. If only it could learn Ice Beam…

Vaporeon Counters:

Being a Water-type Pokemon, Vaporeon stands against Rock-, Ground-, and Fire-types in raids and gym defense. It’s outclassed by many other Water-type Pokemon these days, as we mentioned above. But if you have a gap to fill against raids like Golem, Groudon, Heatran, or Alolan Marowak, Vaporeon can dish out some decent damage and stick around longer than most.

Best Moveset for Vaporeon – Pokemon GO

  • Water Gun + Aqua Tail / Hydro Pump

You don’t want to waste stardust teaching Vaporeon a second charge move. That said, Aqua Tail or Hydro Pump will do the job. If you do a lot of dodging, Aqua Tail is probably the way to go. The recommended moveset remains the same in PVP. Though you may want to look at a few other Water-type additions to your team in place of Vaporeon!

How To Evolve into Vaporeon – Pokemon Go

Without a specific Lure in effect, Eevee has a 20 percent chance of evolving into Vaporeon. You can also rename your Eevee to Rainer once to guarantee it becomes Vaporeon when it evolves.

Flareon Pokemon GO

Flareon – Pokemon Go Flower Crown Eevee Guide

Being arguably the cutest (or at least the fluffiest) Gen 1 Eeveelution is… pretty much all Flareon has going for it The advent of Entei, Moltres, and Blast Burn Charizard utterly eclipses Flareon’s weak offensive power. The lack of Sunny weather as we head into Winter is only going to make things worse. If you’re lacking any more optimal Fire-type Pokemon, Flareon can trigger that Super Effective message. Just don’t expect any miracles.

Flareon Counters:

In raids, Flareon will take on the Ice-types like Sneasel with all it can muster. Steel, Fairy, and Grass-type Pokemon will also feel the heat, so taking Flareon along to (non-Alolan) Exeggutor and Mawile raids can be helpful.

Best Moveset for Flareon – Pokemon GO

  • Fire Spin + Flamethrower

This is the jack-of-all-trades Flareon moveset — good for both PVE and PVP. Its low bulk means a quicker charge attack like Flamethrower will likely get more use. Overheat is another viable option.

How To Evolve into Flareon – Pokemon GO

Without a specific Lure in effect, Eevee has a 20 percent chance of evolving into Flareon. You can also rename your Eevee to Pyro once to guarantee it becomes Flareon when evolved.

Espeon Pokemon GO

Espeon – Pokemon Go Flower Crown Eevee Guide

Early on, Espeon was seen as a budget Alakazam. Alakazam was, in turn, seen as a budget Mewtwo. The same is true today; Espeon is a great Psychic-type attacker for those looking to solo Machamp raids or take on Ghost- and Poison-types like Gengar and Muk.

Espeon Counters:

As touched upon above, Espeon’s respectable Attack and Psychic moveset makes it a great option against a decent chunk of higher tier raids. Machamp has plenty of uses, meaning having a couple Espeon on your side can help you prep for solo runs. Gengar, Venasaur, and the Poison-type Pokemon brought into raids from the Team Rocket invasion are also bested by Espeon. It’s not quite as fast as Alakazam, but it’s far easier to come by.

Best Moveset for Espeon – Pokemon GO

  • Confusion + Future Sight

That’s it. Confusion and Future Sight are all Espeon needs to shine. Confusion has a lengthier animation than Psycho Cut found on other alternatives, so be careful if you need to dodge. Combined with Future Sight, however, there’s a lot of damage potential here. Sadly Espeon isn’t worth considering in any PVP league.

How To Evolve into Espeon – Pokemon GO

By setting Eevee as your Buddy Pokemon, walking 10km, having it collect two Candy in the process, and evolving it during the day (while still marked as your Buddy Pokemon), Eevee will evolve into Espeon. Phew! It’s a lot of steps (literally and figuratively), but there is an easier way.

You can also rename your Eevee to Sakura once to guarantee it becoming Espeon when evolved, circumventing the walking distance trick just the one time.

Umbreon Pokemon GO

Umbreon – Pokemon Go Flower Crown Eevee Guide

Umbreon is a Dark-type Pokemon, and therefore very helpful against powerful Psychic-type Pokemon like Mewtwo and Deoxys. Both of which feature in the Ultra Bonus event. Even so, Umbreon is far more bulk than brawn. It’s a great gym defender or Great League brick, but Pokemon like Sharpedo, Tyranitar, Houndoom, and Honchcrow are better Dark-type attacker options to strive for.

Umbreon Counters:

If you’re looking to chip in with Psychic-type raids like Mewtwo, Deoxys, or the Emotion trio, Umbreon can at least prolong your team’s survival. It could even become an asset against Alolan Raichu. Just don’t expect it to melt away HP in the same way Tyranitar or Gyarados do in similar situations!

Best Movesets for Umbreon – Pokemon GO

  • Snarl + Foul Play
  • Feint Attack + Foul Play

The first moveset here is the absolute best of the bunch. It’s great for attacking and defending. Foul Play has a shorter animation than Umbreon’s similarly powerful charge moves, making it a no-brainer. Faint Attack in place of Snarl is very comparable, but if you want to make the most of Umbreon (and have a TM to spare), the swap might just be worth it.

How to Evolve into Umbreon – Pokemon GO

By setting Eevee as your Buddy Pokemon, walking 10km, having it collect two Candy in the process, and evolving it during the night (while still your Buddy Pokemon), Eevee will evolve into Umbreon. Yep. It’s another annoyingly lengthy process. But of course there’s a workaround!

You can also rename your Eevee to Tamao once to guarantee it becomes Umbreon when evolved, circumventing the walking distance trick.

Glaceon – Pokemon Go Flower Crown Eevee Guide

One of the most recent additions to the Eeveelution (as far as Pokemon GO is concerned), Glaceon has just come down from being one of the most sought-after Pokemon in the game. It held tremendous power during the recent Rayquaza raids. It will always fall short to Mamoswine, of course, but is much easier to access. Glaceon is a top-tier Ice-type attacker every trainer needs on their side.

Glaceon Counters:

Glaceon isn’t the most powerful attacker in the game. But its strength is amplified against dual Dragon / Flying-type Pokemon — many of which feature as raid bosses and brilliant generalist attackers. Glaceon can comfortably take on Pokemon like Dragonite, Rayquaza, and Garchomp, with other Dragon-type Pokemon (many of which are legendaries) really feeling the chill. In terms of PVP, Glaceon can still fight against popular dragons, but will likely lose elsewhere.

Best Moveset for Glaceon – Pokemon GO

  • Frost Breath + Avalanche

Ice Shard performs similarly to Frost Breath. However, Avalanche clearly beats out Glaceon’s other charge moves like Ice Beam and Icy Wind. On the PVP side, Ice Shard might be the better pick.

How To Evolve into Glaceon – Pokemon GO

To have your Eevee evolve into Glaceon, you need to be in range of a PokeStop with an active Glacial Lure, which will then show Glaceon’s silhouette on the Evolve button. Glacial Lures are obtained either through select Special Research rewards or bought from the store for 200 coins. Rename your first future Glaceon Rea and you’ll dodge this Glacial Lure requirement when evolving1!

Leafeon Pokemon GO

Leafeon – Pokemon Go Flower Crown Eevee Guide

Leafeon, although relatively powerful, arrived at a very bad time. The prevalence of Frenzy Plant Grass-type starters from Community Day events has rendered it a worse choice in most situations. If you’re without them, however, Leafeon can fill in just fine! In PVP, Leafeon is a good choice thanks to its bulk. Its single-type move coverage still makes more versatile Grass-type Pokemon better options.

Leafeon Counters:

With the Water Festival and Adventure Week not set to return for a while yet, Leafeon isn’t due to counter many worthwhile raids going forward. The one exception is perhaps Terrakion, relegating it to lesser raids like Golem, Donphan, and Blastoise.

Best Moveset for Leafeon – Pokemon GO

  • Razer Leaf + Leaf Blade

Living up to its name, Leafeon benefits from slinging a leaf all over the show. This moveset makes for fast, powerful strikes with plenty of room to dodge incoming attackers. It’s a wise choice in both PVP and PVE!

How to Evolve into Leafeon – Pokemon GO

To have your Eevee evolve into Leafeon, you need to be in range of a PokeStop with an active Mossy Lure. This will then show Leafeon’s silhouette on the Evolve button. Mossy Lures can be obtained either through select Special Research rewards or bought from the store for 200 coins. Like the rest of the Eeveelutions, you can net your first Leafeon simply by renaming an Eevee Linnea before hitting the evolve button, circumventing the Mossy Lure requirement entirely.

Sylveon Pokemon GO

Sylveon… and Why to Hang Onto Flower Crown Eevee

Unless the November release of Pokemon Sword & Shield introduces another Eeveelution, Sylveon is the last Eevee evolution expected in Pokemon GO. Introduced in Pokemon X & Y (otherwise know as Gen VI) it’ll be a while before Sylveon makes its way into Pokemon GO. But it may be worth hanging onto a Flower Crown Eevee or three for this exact purpose.

Not only would it be a great status symbol — and potentially the cutest critter in the whole game — Sylveon is a raw Fairy-type Pokemon. That makes it an absolutely perfect Dragon-type Pokemon counter! It would be capable of dealing double damage with its Fairy-type moves and resisting incoming Dragon-type damage. It’ll also resist and counter Dark and Fighting-type Pokemon. Sylveon should be a great asset against other popular raids for padding out your teams—like Machamp and Tyranitar.

It’s not going to be incredibly helpful for those playing now, but once introduced, Sylveon could help newcomers build capable raid teams very quickly. Consider hanging onto a Flower Crown Eevee in Pokemon to get yourself a Flower Crown Sylveon down the line.


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  1. Eevee does not evolve into Umbreon during the day. You must evolve at night.
    Rea is the nickname to evolve Eevee into Glaceon.

    1. You’re absolutely right! Not sure how the Umbreon mistake slipped through the cracks there, but the Glaceon/Leafeon naming trick has been added. Worth noting this guide was published 18 months ago, so things can be a little out of date!

  2. You can use the name trick to get Glaceon just rename to Rea.
    Also the Umbreon bit is wrong. To evolve to Umbereon, Have Eevee as your buddy, walk 10KM, get 2 candy’s and evolve in the night, not the day like it says above.

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