Phasmophobia Mare Guide – Tips for Hunting & Identifying a Mare

Probably not an actual horse

There are a lot of things that go bump in the night in Phasmophobia, but one that thrives in the darkness is the mare. An entity revolving around the actual illumination in a room, mare’s can be a headache to confront since they force you to do it with limited visibility. Thankfully, actually identifying a mare is fairly simple even if you have limited gear. However, for those who are brand new to the game and struggling to deal with this entity, here is everything you need to know about the mare.

Identifying the Mare

  • Freezing Temperatures
  • Ghost Orbs
  • Spirit Box

When identifying the mare, your first sign will typically be freezing temperatures. This can be deduced by either using the thermometer or simply watching to see if you have cold breath when you talk. Since I always recommend sweeping a building with EMF and thermometers right away, you should be able to uncover if you potentially have a mare early on. Now that you’ve uncovered what the haunted room is, set up your video camera and other gear inside. Now go back to the truck and watch to see if any ghost orbs appear on the camera. If you’re having trouble getting any on camera, make sure all the lights are off first. Mares will only really be active in darkness, so make sure to not leave any lit candles in this room.

Once you have both ghost orbs and freezing temperatures the last step is to use the Spirit Box. This is easily the riskiest part of the investigation since you need to be in the haunted room with the mare. Before you enter, I strongly recommend having an escape plan and ample lighting around that room. Mare’s will be pretty aggressive in darkness — especially if you are alone in the room with it. Once you have your answer, I suggest turning the light on and quickly exiting the building. If this is one of the larger maps, you’ll definitely want to have route to the nearest closet or locker already planned.

Another, non-gadget method of determining if you’re dealing with a mare is how it interacts with the lights. While spirits like poltergeists and jinns will turn the lights on and off, mares will only ever turn them off. So if the ghost is constantly turning the lights off but not turning them on, there’s a very good chance you’re dealing with a mare. This is why I always recommend turning a few lights on when you arrive because it can quickly help you narrow down your ghost choices.

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How to Deal With a Mare

When you are confronting a mare, the best method is to have a few key junctions lit up. In homes I prefer to illuminate hallways or a major room that is near the front door. This gives you a highlighted escape route and can act as an early warning sign if the mare is getting aggressive. After all, it will typically turn the lights off before going into a hunt. Candles are very good here since you can ignite them and put them around a building or room as an alternative source of light.

Another popular method is to have someone stationed by the breaker if you’re in a large structure. Mares will often cause the breaker to trip, forcing you to reset it. This will give them an opening to attack or initiate a hunt which can be quite dangerous. Having someone near the breaker ensures that you can keep this entity’s power in check. Just remember, light isn’t preventing the ghost from rolling an attack as its option, it just severely decreases the chances. You always want to have a safety net once the setup timer expires in the beginning. Additionally, try to keep the mare’s room lit up unless you need to conduct investigations. These ghosts are as aggressive as demons or onis, but if you stay in the shadows too long expect to have one coming for you!


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