Paper Mario The Origami King – All Scorching Sand Tower Eye Locations

As you explore Paper Mario: The Origami King’s Scorching Sandpaper Desert, you will come across four large stone Toad Towers that are each missing an eye. Tied to resurrecting the Temple of Shrooms where the yellow streamer resides, you’ll need to decipher riddles left behind by the Ancient Ones. Keep in mind, if you just arrived in this location you cannot really do anything until you meet with Professor Toad in Shroom City. Just follow the road towards the big neon lights and you’ll eventually stumble across this location. However, once you have Professor Toad you can begin uncovering these tower’s secrets.

Scorching Sandpaper Desert Tower Eye

To find my eye would be a feat… Unless you look around my feet.

You can find this tower by the road entrance to the Scorching Sandpaper Minor. The riddle inside is telling you to use Professor Toad’s digging ability to unearth the lost eye. Exit the tower and literally just start digging right around the feet of the tower to find the gem. Remember, you just press down on the D-Pad to make the professor dig. Once you uncover the eye, head up into the tower and slot it into the vacant eye to complete this area’s tower.,

Scorching Sandpaper Desert West Tower Eye

Beneath the feet of twins entwined in needles, there, the eye you’ll find

You can only complete this tower after you vanquish the Fire Vellumental. You can uncover the dungeon by heading east from the first tower to the circle of statues. Turn them all so they face the center and have Olivia sing the fire-based song. This will cause a massive beak to rise out of the sand, gaining you entrance to the dungeon.

After you have the Fire Vellumental power, go up the road towards where the yellow streamer ends and take the road to the left. This will take you to Scorching Sandpaper Desert West, where the tower is located on the far left side. Run up the tower and use Olivia’s new ability to ignite the lantern, illuminating the structure. Use your confetti to complete the sign and then head back outside. If you head right, you’ll come across two cacti that are right next to one another, mirroring each other’s stance. Dig directly between these two cacti to uncover the West Tower Eye.

Scorching Sandpaper Desert East Tower Eye

Near walls of waves, a fire’s place… An eye is there, by earth encased!

This one can be a little tricky to find since Scorching Sandpaper Desert East is divided up into two portions. The tower itself is located in the Far East region, which is accessible via the road that’s blocked by a Snifit outside of the Boot park area in Shroom City. When you arrive in the city, talk to the Snifit on the right to convince him to open the gate so you can access the tower. Light up the tower with Olivia’s Vellumental power and then read the tablet to learn where the next eye is located.

Head back to where the yellow streamer ends and take the road to the east to reach Scorching Sandpaper Desert East. You’ll find a bunch of ruins, origami Boos, and Paper Macho Boos roaming the area. Either ignore or dispatch them while you head to the top left corner of the ruins. You should see the remnants of a destroyed building with a fireplace. Have Professor Toad dig in the fireplace to uncover the next eye.

Scorching Sandpaper Desert North Tower Eye

Eclipse the sun above the lake… A buried eye is yours to take!

The final tower can be accessed by taking the other gate that’s blocked off by a Snifit in Shroom City. Drive across the desert to the tower on the left side and head inside. Like the previous towers, use Olivia to ignite the lantern and then read the tablet. Now head back to Shroom City and approach the small lagoon on the left side by the Snifit on the seesaw. Use the water’s reflection to block out where the sun would be with the tower from the hotel and have Professor Toad uncover the last eye in the grass. This should be the last eye you need, so take it to the wore, slot it in, and watch a brief cutscene of the Earth Vellumental Magic Circle finishing.

All you have to do is bring Olivia to the magic circle and watch her raise the Temple of Shrooms from the ground!