Paper Mario The Origami King – How to Get the Chain Chomp’s Bone

There are a fair amount of puzzles in Nintendo’s latest RPG, Paper Mario: The Origami King, one of which harkens back to the Great Goron Sword quest from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Similar to this mission, players will need to go through a rather lengthy list of trades in Shogun Studios if they want to get by the angry Chain Chomp blocking the east side of the park. With such a large amusement part to explore, it can be easy to lose track of where and what you need to do. Here’s a step by step breakdown of what you need to do to access this locked off area.

How to Get Past the Chain Chomp

Paper Mario Origami King Chain Chomp

1. Get the Straw

In order to start the trading chain, you will need to get a straw from a Shy Guy. From the Shogun Studio’s entrance, progress up the road until you reach the four-way intersection. Head to the right until you reach a set of doors leading north and south. Enter through the southern doors and keep heading this direction until you see a cafe on your left. Go through the door and speak to the Shy Guy in the back right corner. If you purchased the Royalty Pass you can also open up the chest to get a museum item.


2. Trade the Straw for Shurikens

Now that you have the used straw (ew) head back to the four-way intersection on the main street. Go north until you reach the castle bridge and head right past the Save Block. Defeat the Snifits and head towards the little ninja guy with a shuriken by the pond. Trade your straw to him for a bundle of shurikens! Before you leave, make sure to hit the glowing lap on the right to make a 1,000 Folded Arm magic circle so you can reach the toad above the chest.

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3. Visit the Staff Room

Outside of the Ninja Garden, head right until you reach a wall and a bunch of fake paper shrubs. Along the wall, you will find a secret door that you can use to access the staff room. Head into the staff room to discover that the key is missing for the main door of the castle. Once you’re done talking, open up the locker in the back left corner to free the Shuriken Dojo owner. After a brief dialogue exchange, he will retreat to his store. Before you leave the room, make sure to free the road in the Paper Macho Goomba Mouth on the right and the Toad trapped in the picture frame on the left.

4. Win the Autographed Baseball

Once you found the Shuriken Dojo owner, go back to the castle bridge and head south. You’ll see a shuriken on a sign pointing down an alleyway to your left. Follow this until you reach the Shuriken Dojo, head inside, and speak to the owner. He will complain about not having shurikens, so offer him the bundle you were given. He will briefly explain the game to you and then give you the option to practice. We recommend trying the practice mode just to get an idea for the pace of the game. After you’re comfortable, pick the Normal version of the game.

In this mode, you will need to hit 21 points exactly. This is pretty easy, just keep an eye on the point counter in the bottom right. Additionally, you can fire shurikens at the blue negative point signs to reduce your score a little if you’re having trouble hitting that exact total. After you reach 21 points exactly you’ll earn the autographed baseball. If you want to keep playing, earning over 80 points in Expert mode will earn you the Paper Macho Koopa Troopa.

5. Trade the Baseball for the Bone

Finally, go back to the four-way intersection and head to the right. Instead of going south, head north towards the three homes in a row. Open up the first door on the left to enter a small room with a door in the back. Progress through the door to find two Dry Bones throwing a bone at one another. Speak to the Dry Bone closest to the door and trade your baseball for the bone. You can now head back to where the Chain Chomp is and drop the bone in the bowl to distract it so you can slip by. Additionally, you’ll earn a Maximum Health increase of 20 for all your trouble!