Where to Find All the Operation Chaos Evidence in Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is officially live, so naturally it’s time to shoot a bunch of guns, blowing everything up, and embrace your 80s militaristic power fantasies. Taking the Call of Duty experience to next-gen, this entry includes a new campaign, multiplayer, weapons, maps, gadgets, killstreaks, and zombie maps for players to enjoy. Warzone also makes a return, fusing with Modern Warfares so all your progress, characters, and weapons carry over.

Unlike previous games, there’s a heavier emphasis on obtaining all the collectibles and reading the various bits of lore scattered throughout. Not only will this deepen the rather thin plot, but it will unlock new optional missions for you to complete. One of these is Operation Chaos, which requires three different pieces of evidence to unlock.

Operation Chaos Evidence

Black Ops Cold War Passphrase

Nowhere to Run Mission – Coded Message

The first piece of evidence you’ll acquire is actually during the opening mission. Once you’ve chased Quasim and begun integrating select the following dialogue options to automatically obtain the Coded Message evidence. if you kill Quasim you will not unlock this piece of evidence. Make sure he lives.

  • “Tell us where Arash is and you’ll live.”
  • “You have to tell my friend something or I can’t stop him from throwing you over.”
  • “Who’s Arash meeting with?”
  • Release or Capture option. Do not kill Quasim.

Brick in the Wall Mission – Numbers Station Broadcast

You will find your second piece of evidence about halfway through the Brick in the Wall mission. Once you split up from your contact at the bar, you’ll be given two different objectives — rescue the informant and link up with your team. Ignore the main objective for now and skulk your way to the informant. After you lockpick the door, head downstairs, and use your silenced pistol to execute the three guards. On the middle table, you will find a piece of evidence for Operation Chaos. Now either rescue or kill the informant before continuing on with your mission.

Redlight, Greenlight Mission – Dallas Observer

Your final piece of evidence is during the Redlight, Greenlight mission. Progress through this level as you normally would until you reach a large indoor training facility that resembles an idyllic American downtown. There are a lot of enemies here, so focus on killing all of them first. Once you’ve cleared this area, head down the main street until you see a building called “Capital Savings and Loan.” Next door there is a bar full of mannequins, so head inside and then go up the stairs. You’ll find a blueprint in the back of the warehouse upstairs, so just head over and snap a photo of it with your camera.

Once you all have three pieces of evidence, you can decrypt the floppy disk back in the safe house. This will require a bit of detective work, so if you’re stumped make sure to check out our guide detailing what you need to look for. While we cannot give you the exact answer (since everyone’s is different), this will show you the method for deciphering each piece of evidence so you can unlock Operation Chaos.


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