No Man’s Sky Settlements Guide – How to Get, How Many Can You Have

Another settlement needs your help. I'll mark it on your map.

The list of things to do in No Man’s Sky continues to grow. As part of the latest 3.6 update, FRONTIERS, you’re now able to oversee a settlement of NPCs, becoming responsible for building things out, defending the town from Sentinels, and making various decisions that affect life for your citizens. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get your very own settlement, explain the first things you’ll need to do, and tell you how to get another one.

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How to Get Your First Settlement

If you’re on an existing save, this process is incredibly easy. Just get into your ship and head into the space. You’ll get an emergency broadcast directing you to a coordinate somewhere in your current solar system. For those of you who are starting from scratch, simply keep following the tutorials and once you’re in space, you too will get this broadcast.

After arriving at the location, land you ship and speak to someone on the ground. You’ll be interrupted by attacking Sentinels which you need to deal with. After doing so you’ll have a checklist of activities to get to:

  • Apply to be Overseer at the center of town.
  • Once accepted, go to the Overseer’s Office location and start construction for Ferrite Dust.
  • Wait two minutes.
  • Build and submit five Metal Plating.
  • Wait two minutes.
  • Build and submit three Microprocessors.
  • Wait two minutes.

That’s all it takes to get started, but you’re basically right back into the waiting game. Interact with the administration terminal and poke around. One of the first things you need to do is choose what gets built. In our town, the decision was between a Starship Dock (useful for me, personally) or a Marketplace. Though both produced almost the exact same amount of productivity, approval among the people was slightly higher for the Marketplace so that’s what I chose.

You’ll then go through the same process as you did with the Overseer’s Office. Walk over to that new location and see what it needs for construction. Ours needed a measly 340 Silicate Powder. Easy. The not so easy part is you then need to wait two hours for the first step of construction to finish. After that? Gather another basic material like Carbon and then wait another two hours. You can see where this is going.

Random Events

While you wait, there are a variety of random events that can happen. In just the few minutes following our construction, we had a visitor arrive with a warning for us. The options were to heed the warning and pay the Personal Judgment Assistant about 8,000 credits or ignore the warning. Either way there was an unknown outcome. It still hasn’t paid off, whatever it was.

A little while later, we were asked to resolve a dispute between two people in our town: Blag and Voy. One ended up destroying a collection of metal bones in retaliation over a scandalous rumor. From what we can tell this had no direct impact on their relationship, but over time decisions like this affect your town.

How to Get Another Settlement

If you aren’t happy with the location you’re given for your first settlement, head to the system you’d like and purchase a Planetary Chart from the Space Station Cartographer. Keep in mind that you can only oversee one settlement at a time. If you find a new one you like, you’ll be giving up your old settlement. We aren’t sure what that does to the previous town at the moment, but we’ll let you know when we find out.


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