No Man’s Sky Egg Sequencer Guide – How to Overdose, Creature Color

Overdose the eggs, don't overdose on eggs.

In a surprise move, Hello Games has introduced pets and breeding to No Man’s Sky. Needless to say, things get complicated fast when you start trying to deal with picking preferential genetic traits and figuring out how to evolve your next generation of creatures. In this guide, we’ll explain everything we know about the egg sequencer which is the main way you’ll be influencing what kind of pet hatches from your latest egg.

Where Is the Egg Sequencer?

You can find the egg sequencer aboard the Anomaly. It’s located right next to the traveler who rates the food you give them. If you’re unsure where that is, it’s in the back right corner when you’re facing away from the exit.

How to Use the Egg Sequencer

The egg sequencer is one of those things that is simple to use but hard to master. There are five different slots for you to input. The one up top accepts any eggs that you have in your inventory. The four below allow you to alter the resulting creature’s weight/height, anatomy, coloring, and personality.

Clicking on any of these boxes will prompt you to add a resource to them and you can use just about any resource in the game. This is the big reason why the egg sequencer is hard to master. Until you learn what each material is capable of, or at least until the community documents it all in a list, you’re going to have to keep experimenting to find out what works.

Each material will either increase or decrease the values. Certain materials are capable of Overdosing the egg, causing more mutations than normally would be possible. For example, Overdosing the anatomy will lead to a different appearance than that of its parent. It’ll still be in the same family, but it may have a different head or other aesthetic features.

How to Get Eggs

Getting eggs is actually pretty simple. First, the animal needs to be your companion. Feed it once and you should get a prompt to register it to your companions list. After doing so, there should be a 24 hour countdown to when the creature can lay an egg. If you don’t have this option yet, fill up its relationship meters by spending time with it and feeding it.

Keep in mind each creature can only lay a certain number of eggs and it’s nearly always under five from what we can tell. The creature must be in its native climate to lay an egg and it cannot do so if it is young. You can’t take a pet from a Radioactive planet and have it lay an egg on a Paradise planet, for example.

How to Overdose

It appears that only the middle two slots are capable of Overdosing, but you need to find the right materials as not every one can do this. For example, Pugneum and Platinum are capable of Overdosing the Gene Splitter slot. No matter how much you put in these slots, the results will say Unstable, indicating there will be some genetic changes. Overdosing likely just increases the randomness of these effects.

Easy Materials To Use

For the Growth Hormone slot you can use Sodium, Silver, and Oxygen to increase the size of your creature or Ferrite Dust, Copper, and Tritium to decrease it.

The Dye Injector slot might be a bit more complicated with some amount of pigment determined by the color of the resource. There’s a whole lot of materials here, but we recommend the following if you’re looking for specific colors:

  • Ammonia – Green
  • Carbon – Red with Blue Accents
  • Condensed Carbon – Red with Gray/Green Accents
  • Uranium – Purple
  • Antimatter – White with Red Accents
  • Sodium – Brown
  • Pure Ferrite – Orange with Purple Accents

For specifics, I recommend checking out Miangoco’s post.

Finally there’s the Neural Calibrator slot which affects personality. You can use a lot of different resources here including expensive materials like Walker Brains to make your companion more independent or more devoted. If you want a creature focused on being helpful, give it Oxygen, Ferrite Dust, or Carbon. For an aggressive creature add Indium, Phosphorous, or Salt.

Thankfully, the subreddit has compiled information on a lot of this such as the effects every raw material in the game has on the egg sequencer.