No Man’s Sky Crossplay Guide – Does No Man’s Sky Have Crossplay?

No Man’s Sky is perhaps one of the greatest gaming redemption stories in the modern era. A title that was hyped up beyond imagination was released to middling reviews and harsh player feedback. Yet, developer Hello Games soldiered on, releasing update after update completely free to all users. No, over four years later, No Man’s Sky is one of the most awe-inspiring experiences available for those looking to travel the stars. From underwater environments to Dead Space-inspiried horror freighters, No Man’s Sky offers something for almost any type of explorer. But traversing this universe alone can be daunting, so why not bring a friend or two?

Does No Man’s Sky Have Crossplay?

Yes! Following the June 10th update, Hello Games introduced crossplay to this adventure game. Players can explore alongside others regardless if they are on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PC. There are two ways to invite your friends depending on if you’re in-game or still at the Main Menu. For those already exploring their world, bring up the Menu and then go to the Options subtab. Now select Network to bring up the multiplayer menu and settings for your game. Click “View No Man’s Sky Friends List” to open up your invitation menu, along with being able to see your own or input someone’s No Man’s Sky code.

This code is what allows you to invite players from other systems to your game. You can see your code by selecting My No Man’s Sky Friend Code, which can then be given to a player on another console so they can invite you. If they are on the same platform, then you can just invite them normally or in the Network tab since your friend’s list will appear on the left. If you’re starting from the Main Menu, select the Multiplayer tab and then just go through the No Man’s Sky Friend Code method we described earlier. Remember, you don’t have to play No Man’s Sky with friends, but it does make exploring the universe far more exciting.

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No Man’s Sky Origins Update

If you’re looking to hop into No Man’s Sky, this is one of the best times for newbies. Along with the inclusion of brand new planets and terrain, the Origins Update also rehauls the game’s UI making it far more accessible. There’s also new lifeforms including giant insects, massive sandworms, and planets full of robotic lifeforms roaming the wilds. Players will also have to contend with new environmental hazards like lightning, tornados, and even volcanos that can errupt. This hostile weather can also set the landscape on fire, making traversal more harrowing and challenging.

Hello Games also gave them game a graphical overhaul for those that can run the game on Ultra. This includes additional fauna and terrain rendering. The Origins Update promises more color variety on planets, along with dynamic clouds you can see and fly through. This is a massive update that is definitely worth checking out if you’re new or have been considering making a return.